A Complete Review On My Alarm Clock Free On Google Play Store

A wonderfully serviceable noisy alarms and timer includes your phone, and so you may not want to download a different one. Which can be true, but when you’re searching for additional features, more personalization options, and much more effective sensors than your clock include, my alarm clock is here now- so people think it’s the

Barbie Games, Game for Barbie lovers

Are you one of those who love Barbie girls? Especially, the girls who are diehard fans of Barbie, every week new Barbie games are released. Now you don’t have to collect the expensive Barbie merchandise if you are in lack of money. You can do everything with those Barbie characters like you do with the

The game which everyone’s been playing, Pokémon Go

The game “Pokémon Go” is the first game which is location based. This game was developed by Niantic for different platforms like android and IOS. This game was distributed by The Pokémon Company. It’s the first augmented reality game of the Pokémon franchise. This game was released on July year-2016. Introduction to Pokémon Go Well,

Diepio Game Unclogged: Want to Play Diep Io Game Anywhere? Here’s How

Diepio :- Over the past couple of years, games like Agario and Slitherio (where you have one and only one goal to bring down other players) have become really popular among everyone. However, some of you may be too unlucky for not being able to play this sort of game anywhere on the go. For instance,

New Member of the SmartWatch Family: Aiwear M2S Bluetooth SmartWatch

Everybody knew when the telephone became mobile that it is going to create a revolution. And slowly with software and hardware manufacturers taking interest into the subject, “SmartPhones”, becoming an essential part of our lives was inevitable. But when the first “SmartWatch” was announced many among the crowd were skeptical about its place in our

There is a new watch in town, and it is smart: meet NO.1 S5

SmartWatches are considered to be a luxury gadget and are sought after by ever tech-freak. Also a productivity enhancer, companies like Apple, Samsung, Moto, LG, etc. all has given the market some of their offerings of SmartWatches. So let’s take a look at the new SmartWatch NO.1 S5, which has recently hit the market. The

How to Print From Android Phone

How to print from android phone Many people find the need to print a webpage or something sent to their cell phone but most have no idea how this is done.  While simple on your computer by using File and then Print, how do you print on Android?  Here are some easy way to get

Love Agar.io game? Checkout Agario Unblocked!

Agar.io is one of the most addictive game on the market. It came into existence in the from a tiny place, where the need for growing is necessary. The game offers the exact mechanics for players who want to dominate the space by becoming bigger and bigger, eating the smaller counterparts whenever needed. Agario Unblocked

The Best Way To Save Instagram Photos On Your Computer

Do you ever see another user’s Instagram photo that you want to save on your computer? Do you have some of your own photos that you’d like to keep handy? If so, you need to know the best ways to save Instagram photos on your computer. This article discusses some of the easiest ways to

How to Convert PDF Tables to Excel

The Portable Document Format is currently the most popular file format on the Internet, accounting for over 1 billion search results on Google. Since its birth in 1993, the PDF has been a staple in everyone’s work and has become even bigger since the birth of the concept of paperless office.   There are several

Which Is The Best Domain Registrar?

Whenever you want to make a new website, you have to register your desired domain name, unless you decide to go for a free account on one of the many blogging platforms. Registering a domain name is very easy. The most difficult part of the process is finding the best domain registrar. There are so many

Five Common Misconceptions About Hacking

As we walk in the 21st century, it is quite inevitable that the term “hacking” has become a part of our colloquial vocabulary. Now based on this, there will be two people, those who know hacking and those who don’t. Furthermore, the later can be divided into people who don’t give a damn to what

Where to Buy Cheap Phones – A Guide

People who are looking where to buy cheap phones can use many of the resources available right on their computer or local area to find such good deals.  Everyone wants a nice smartphone these days or even just a great working device.  With all the fantastic deals at carriers like T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and Cricket

History Of The Samsung Galaxy Phone

The history of the Samsung Galaxy is the history of the android smart phone. After the iPhone revolution, all other cellular phone producers saw the need to catch up. At first most companies decided to launch their own operating systems in order to stand apart from Apple. It was only Blackberry that managed to have

Samsung Galaxy S7 Update: What is new in the world of smartphones

Much anticipation has come up for the next Samsung Galaxy S7 update in terms of the newest smartphones from the electronics giant.  With the success of the previous models such as Samsung Galaxy s3 up to the s6, the company is poised again to take over the hot cell phone market with their next release

Welcome to the cloud (a beginner’s guide to cloud computing)

After the inception of desktops, people were of the idea that it was more beneficial to get a job done by themselves, with the help of some readymade software. But what if you were someplace else away from YOUR PC, then what? It is nice to fantasize about a time when we would be able

8 Tips For Making Your Tablet Run Smoother

Just like any type of electronic device, your tablet needs regular maintenance and some extra care to ensure that it is functioning optimally. A slow or sluggish tablet can result from a number of different problems that are actually quite simple to solve. Use these 8 tips and you should see an immediate difference in

How to Play Slitherio from School Using Slitherio Unblocked

Wondering how a game looks like when it has gameplay elements from snake and Agario? The result is the most addictive game on the internet, Slitherio. Slitherio mixes snake and Agario and presents an entirely different game altogether that is competitive, balanced and fun to play. But, does that make the game amazing? Not, if

Management Mantra – Top BBA/MBA Colleges in India

In this article, we are going to talk about BBA and MBA in India and top colleges of BBA and MBA respectively. BBA and MBA are what much of the youth aspires to crack, and that is why, knowing about it would be beneficial for all! We all have even heard many saying “No BBA/MBA,

Clash of Clans Free Gems

Clash of Clans is one of the big mobile games of all time. It has grown into a billions of players in the span of last three years. We all love this game, but it does come with issues that we cannot ignore. Also read: Love Agar.io game? Checkout Agario Unblocked! Check out the new

Get Started with Agario Private Server Now!

Agario private server are hard to find. There are plenty of them on the internet, but mostly are fake and will not let you play one of the best games, Agario. Agario Private Server The whole scene changes with AgarioPrivateServers.org. You can play Agario unblocked server from the above link. It doesn’t matter where you are,

5 Best Gaming Laptops Under $1000 in 2015

Buying a gaming laptop can be quite a task. Still there are chances of finding best gaming laptops under $1000 which do not burn a hole in your wallet. When looking for good gaming laptops under $1000, you aren’t spoilt for choices but with right search one can definitely get an affordable gaming laptop. Here

Visualize Your Friends Location on Google Map Using A Simple App

Google Maps is one of the fascinating places to be and if you are told that you can visualize the location of your friends on Google Maps, how would you react? Probably in amusement and excitement and that’s why we are going to show you a simple trick that will enable you to visualize the

Set Pattern Lock on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Working as a full-time professional or freelancer, one thing that remains same for many of us — Security. There can be important files on your hard disk and you might not want to lock your Windows default password mechanism. So, what really works in their case? Do they stand in front of their screen? Nope,

Asus Zenfone 2: Why You Shouldn’t Consider Buying Any Other Smartphone Than This!

By the mid-term of last year we haven’t even heard of any good smartphones from a laptop-maker brand like Asus and by now it has become one of the most sold smartphone maker in 2015 with its Asus Zenfone 5. This time the Taiwanese company is trying to repeat the success with Asus Zenfone 2

GV08S SmartWatch Review: A Worthy Smartwatch

Watches … they are awesome! And, when it comes with the smartwatches, the whole equation changes. It becomes more awesome! Today, we have the chance to review the glamorous GV80S Smart Watch phone. Not every one of us has used smart watches, but they are becoming more streamlined as each day passes by. For me, it

Meizu MX5 4G LTE Smartphone Review – A powerhouse

Smartphones — they are plenty. But, what separates the gold from the glitter? The current market is now dictated by players who pack features in a budget smartphone. Meizu MX5 4G is one of those players who sell smartphones with incredible specs and at the same time affordable. Today, I have the chance to review the

LG118 SmartWatch Review, Its Time To Get Dirty

When someone tell me that they don’t need a smartwatch, I only tell them on how much they are missing. In today’s review of LG118 SmartWatch Review, you will come to know how much current smartwatches are capable of and the masterpiece LG118 leads from the front. In the time of technology invading human lives, why

ZOPO Speed 7, A Stunning Phablet At A Great Price

ZOPO is not new to the smartphone arena. With an existence period of 3 years (founded in 2012), ZOPO mobile has come a long way. They are also the first company to release the first smartphone with Glasses-Free 3D dual-SIM. With a rapid growth, spanning from Italy, Jordan, Spain and much more, they are bringing

The Watch To Watch Out For: MEGIR Black Watch Review

Smartphones numbers are increasing day by day. But, that doesn’t take away the charisma of watches. Watches are still seen a symbol of elegance, confidence and style. With new watches coming out every day, I have decided to give the MEGIR Water Resistant Black watch a try. Looking for SmartWatch: Zeblaze Rover SmartWatch Review  MEGIR Water

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G Review

Lately, I have been pursuing the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G for some obvious reasons. Its price has been dropped to $143.69 and right now it can be the best phablet that you can get for that price. Today, I will extend more of my understanding by reviewing the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G. The 4G edition

Check out the new portal for enjoying Angry Birds Game

Angry Birds Game is the creation of Rovio Entertainment which took over the gaming charts way back when it was first released in December 2009. It was an instant hit. And, why not? It is one of the unique games to hit the stores. It brought the fun element with a challenge. The game is

Top Five Best Smartphones Under 20000 Rupees {$350} in August 2015

Welcome to our another installment of top five best smartphones in India series. This list is about smartphones under 20000 rupees in India. As I have said in my earlier articles, I’ll say it again the process that went under choosing smartphones here. I went to a local electronics store and spent quality time playing with the smartphones featured

5 Best Tech Gifts Under $100 You Can Present This New Year

With the holiday season, comes time to buy the best gifts for your loved ones. Though not everyone can gift the latest iPad Air, Laptop or a DSLR but don’t worry $100 is the perfect spot to gift something to someone. You can find unique tech gifts under 100 Dollars which won’t break your bank,

Micromax Yu Yureka – 7 Reasons to Absolutely Go For It

After the Oneplus One which launched (and got banned) in India with its CyanogenMod powered smartphone, we now have our very own Indian Brand launching the Micromax Yu Yureka. Similar to Oneplus One, Micromax Yu Yureka comes powered with CyanogenMod OS 11 based on Android Kitkat 4.4.4 and Micromax promises to give it a CyanogenMod OS

Buying Samsung Galaxy Alpha? 9 Practical Reasons to Avoid Doing So

So just like every other smartphone launched by Samsung which less people tend to care about, we now once again have a similar looking Samsung device called the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Samsung claims to entering into new segment with its all new metal clad Alpha. Seriously its hard keeping count on the number of devices

Asus Zenfone 5 Review updated to Android Kitkat 4.4.2.

Very few times there comes a budget smartphone from a reputed brand which not only shakes the market but also offers a valuable proposition to the consumer. Asus recently launched its Zenfone Series which includes Asus Zenfone 4, Asus Zenfone 5 and the mammoth Asus Zenfone 6. Though the Zenfone 4 and 6 offers good

Android App Permissions: How to Control Them Manually?

Android phones are most commonly used nowadays, and Google’s Android has the largest mobile OS market share. Since you landed here, you too would be using an android phone. Right? But can you tell me how secure is it? Hope you’ve seen, read or heard about Android App Permissions. Technically speaking, Android is a Linux distribution. Every application

How to Easily Remove ‘Disk is Write Protected’ Error

Let me tell you a short story about John. His best friend Jenny tells him to copy some new music that John has; from his computer to her Pen Drive. Jenny gives John her Pen Drive. John ‘copies’ the new music he has in his computer and just when he ‘pastes’ it in Jenny’s Pen

How to Use a Facebook Spy App to Monitor Chats and Shared Multimedia

An increasing number of app users are constantly searching for an ideal Facebook spy app to keep their loved ones safe. According to Statista.com, Facebook has 1.65 billion monthly users per month, based on a survey in the first quarter of 2016. Out of these 1.51 billion are mobile users who access Facebook with their