Zimmber Review: The Best Online Home Service in Mumbai!

What is Zimmber.com?

Zimmber is an online home service provider trending in the trading capital of India, Mumbai. It is highly active in Mumbai, and will spread to other cities within short span of time. Zimmber precisely provides services like home painting, home cleaning, Air Condition Services, Plumber, Carpenting.

Idea behind starting Zimmber:

According to the recent surveys of reputed magazines and trusted websites, e commerce is going cover up humungous market in the near future. There is a scope for marketing in online, which is the prime answer for why everything is going online. People find it easy to access their needs with just a few clicks.

This strategy of marketing has already proved to be successful in the case of retail products and the scope on e commerce is going to be applied for other categories too. Here comes Zimmber with an innovative idea of making home services available online. According to a survey of Zimmber, on an average, every home is spending 23,000 INR per year on these services, and this is where the

People behind Zimmber.com:

Anubhab Goel is the person behind Zimmber.com. He co founded Zimmber with another two people Gaurav Shrivastava and Amit Kumar.

Anubhad is also the cofounder for Rejuvenate Solutions, the major stake holder in Zimmber. Anubhad had cofounded another company called PeopleStrong HR Services, before starting Rejuvenate Solutions and Zimmber. Later he exited from PeopleStrong HR Services to focus on Rejuvenate Solutions and Zimmber.

Amit Kumar is a management graduate and also an engineer worked in companies like L&T and KBR Inc., before setting up Zimmber. Gaurav Shrivastava is an engineer worked for First Quadrant Solutions previously.

Jabong’s stake in Zimmber:

According to a top executive at Zimmber, Rejuvenate Solutions, the company behind Zimmber had received funds from Praveen Sinha, the India head of lifestyle e commerce site, Jabong. The executive added that they also got funds from an unnamed executive of Godrej home appliances.

Althought the exact amount of funds are not revealed, sources say that this start up had received funds of $80,000 (50,000 INR). Anubhab, the cofounder of Rejuvenate Solutions said that they will use these funds to build the product. According to Anubhad, Zimmber generated 2 lakhs revenue in the month of November and there was a huge increase as the company generated 8 lakhs in this month.

Services Offered at Zimmber.com:

There are many home services provided by Zimmber.com that include fixing or dripping flush tank or electrical glitch, or installation of air conditioner, plumber and carpenter services. Since the company has started its services recently, it is expected to add some more services into this list very soon.

Services at Zimmber:

1) Plumbing

2) Electricians

3) Carpentry

4) Air conditioner Service / Repair

5) Home Cleaning

6) House Painting

How to contact Zimmber.com?

To get the services provided at Zimmber.com, the user can either go to their website, or through their mobile app, or through their social media platforms.

The user has to select any of the services available in their site and give the details asked. Concerned people will approach you based on the information the user has provided.

As soon as receiving the information from the user, the firm will contact to confirm the user’s availability before the service providers to their home/office. As per the sources of the site, there are more than 100 service providers at Zimmber and this list will increase based on the demand in the future.

Offers at Zimmber:

Zimmber has provided certain offers for its users like:

If the user applies any of the home services by using their mobile application, there will be a discount of Rs. 100 INR on the service user chooses to have.

You don’t have to pay an amount of Rs. 200 if the service fails to be at your home/office after the time expected to be there.

There is an offer of 25% on lifetime packages at Zimmber.

Why to choose Zimmber?

An online home service provider like Zimmber.com would obviously save your time and money in search for services. Precisely for the people living in metropolitan cities, there will be a lot of time saved and the work will be done with an ease, ie., just with a few clicks, you can get more than one tasks completed.


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