Top 5 Computer Pranks everyone must know


More of the times you’ll see computer tips and tricks going round the internet all the time. But instead of finding those once in a while its better to pull of some computer pranks with your friends, family or even your neighbors. The topic around is going a little lighter and I thought it is better to share some simple computer pranks which have around for a long time and people still don’t know about it. I recently played these pranks with some of my close friends who just couldn’t figure out how I did that and all other readers on AllTechTrix who wanna know about computer pranks; here goes the list.

A simple Shutdown Prank

This prank has been doing round the internet for many years but is still effective. On the internet you can find creative ways this prank has been played but right I’m going to tell you the basic things to do in order to play a shutdown prank.

  • Right click on your Desktop; hover over New and select Shortcut
  • Inside the shortcut window type in the strings shutdown -s -t 360 -c “Your comments”; follow as shown in the image below and click Next; rename the file accordingly and click Finish
  • Now when you click on the shortcut created on the desktop it will display a window as shown below

How do I cancel the Shutdown process?

Yeah! Most of you might have this questions while trying this computer pranks or even if you didn’t have I’ll tell how can you cancel the Shutdown process. You just need to follow the simple steps while the shutdown timer keeps ticking

  • Press Windows key + ‘R’ type in cmd in the Run window to open command prompt
  • Now inside command prompt type in the string shutdown -a and the Shutdown timer will disappear.

Change User account password without knowing it

Now if you have ever tried changing someone’s user account password in any version of Windows you do need to know the previous password to set a new password. In this computer pranks I’ll show how to change user account password without knowing the current password using command prompt.

  • Press Windows key + ‘R’ type in cmd in the Run window to open command prompt
  • Now inside command prompt type in net user to get a list of all user accounts in the system.
  • Once you know all the user account name in the next line type in net user “Abhishek” * (type in accordingly net user “USER ACCOUNT NAME” and a star sign{*} ) and hit ENTER
  • Type the password when prompted. You won’t be able to see the typed letters so if nothing happens on the screen while typing password don’t worry. If you did it successfully; message will appear as shown in the image.

Change Default Keyword Language Prank

Now you might have this question as to what is keyboard language? In short as there is default language that is displayed on your computer screen in similar way there’s also default keyboard language. To play this computer pranks we only need to change the default keyboard language

  • Go to Control Panel and open Regional and Language Options
  • Under Languages tab click on Details.
  • Inside the Text Services and Input Language Window; click on Add button to add new keyboard language
  • Inside Add Input Language follow as shown in image.
  • If you followed as shown above select the new language in the drop down menu under Text Services and Input Language and click apply on all opened window.

The Result:

Display fake error messages on Startup

In this computer pranks you will know how to display error messages as soon as the computer starts. This will put your friend or anyone on whom you are trying this computer pranks into shock. Steps shown below

  • Open a new text document on desktop and paste the following code shown below
    @echo off
    msg * Warning! Your system has been infected by Virus
    msg * Checking system resources. Click OK
    msg * Hard Disk – FAILED
    msg * Memory – FAILED
    msg * Motherboard – FAILED
    msg * Haha I just played a prank on you.
  • Now save the file as warning_message.bat
  • Copy and paste this file in the start-up folder. Go to Start > All Programs > Start-Up
  • Restart the computer and see the horror on your victims face.


Set Blank name and Hide icon

This computer pranks includes setting no name for a file and making it invisible by not setting an icon. This is a very simple trick and is mostly used to hide secret files but you can play a prank by hiding important icons on the desktop.

  • Right click on an icon and select rename option.
  • Delete the entire name and press Alt button; while holding it type 255 on the numpad and voila your icon now has no name.
  • Now to set an invisible icon right-click on it and select Properties; in my example I’m using my star icon folder.
  • Inside Customize tab click on Change Icon button and select the invisible icon.
    Apply these settings and your entire folder is hidden now

This was it for the computer pranks that everyone must know I feel. Let us know your thoughts and If you have more interesting pranks to share with other user then comment below. If you like it then please don’t forget to share it on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Author: Abhishek Tavasalkar

Abhishek is founder of AllTechTrix, CEO and founder at Auracle Infotech, Computer Engineering Student and a complete geek. Get in touch with him at Facebook | Twitter | Google+

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