8 Tips For Making Your Tablet Run Smoother

Just like any type of electronic device, your tablet needs regular maintenance and some extra care to ensure that it is functioning optimally. A slow or sluggish tablet can result from a number of different problems that are actually quite simple to solve. Use these 8 tips and you should see an immediate difference in the performance.

1. Storage Space

The more apps, games and other programs you have stored on your tablet, the slower it will run. So delete an uninstall those apps that you really don’t need or use. Alternatively, store your lesser used apps on an SD card to free up space.

2. Video Files

Video files and images also eat up storage space so place these on an SD card as well. You can also store video files on a USB card or external hard drive to maximize the storage capacity on your tablet.

3. Special Effects

Any special effects on your tablet may look nice but they simply slow down the speed of the tablet . Disabling these effects or eliminating them entirely will speed up the performance.

4. Your Home Screen

The more icons and apps you place on your home screen, the slower the tablet will perform. Place icons in storage folders and delete all the widgets that you aren’t using.

5. Formatting

Format your hard drive, SD card or other external systems regularly. This will help your tablet access the external storage devices easier and improve the overall speed.

6. Cache

Cookies and other data that builds up in the browser cache file are useful to access your favorite websites easily. However, the more data that is stored in the cache, the slower your tablet will run. So clear the cache regularly to improve the performance of the tablet.

Games and apps will also have cache files. Some of these programs will allow you to delete the cached information. Scroll through all your apps to see where you can delete items that are clogging up the system.

7. Upgrades And Updates

When new upgrades or updates become available for certain apps, games or programs, make sure that you really need them before downloading. Updates increase the size of the file that needs to be stored and can result in a delayed loading time or refresh rate. This is especially important for older tablets that may not have the capacity or the functionality to run the upgrade.

Rather wait for reviews of the upgrade to find out how it will affect the speed, battery life or performance of your specific make and model before installing.

8. Reset

Resetting your tablet to the factory settings is the best and most extreme way to increase the performance. However, you will lose all your saved data and files by doing this and it could also take a bit of time before your tablet will restart. So make sure that you back up all your information on an external device and ensure that you give the tablet enough time to complete the process.

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