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Angry Birds Game is the creation of Rovio Entertainment which took over the gaming charts way back when it was first released in December 2009. It was an instant hit. And, why not? It is one of the unique games to hit the stores. It brought the fun element with a challenge.

Angry Birds Game
Angry Birds Game

The game is so fun that it keeps you hooked for hours. The story revolves around birds and pigs. Pigs steal the birds eggs, and they need to get back the eggs. A story is weaved around the simple concept and #you get hundreds of gameplay hours.

Angry Birds Game

The SpinOff

After the initial release, a lot of spinoffs was released. The game also received a sequel Angry Birds 2 in 2015. The plot is where the game shines.

A lot of games got published by 3rd party developers that were unique, challenging and fun to play. They captivated the attention of the players and made them stick to the series.


The question that is most asked of me by the angry birds fans ask, “Where they get access to the impressive games?”.

On the internet, there are plenty of websites that host angry birds games. But, not every site is excellent.

On the other hand, angrybirdsgames do provide all the Angry Birds game at one place. They are always adding new games to the list and creating a library that every Angry Birds fan want to play.

Angry Birds Game to play online - AngryBirdsGames
Angry Birds Game

Other than that, the website design is clean and offers easy navigation. It is in the best interest of the users, and I love how it made everything works smooth.

Games Currently Available at AngryBirdsGames

AngryBirdsGames currently holds 10 Angry Birds Games. Flash powers all the games and you, require a modern web browser to play the game. Also, a decent computer with a good enough internet connection will lead to less loading time and much enjoyable gaming experience.

Without wasting much time, let’s list the ten angry birds games that are currently being hosted on AngryBirdsGame

  • Angry Birds Space Wormhole
  • Angry Birds Go
  • Angry Birds Halloween
  • Angry Birds Pigs Out
  • Angry Birds Stella Game
  • Angry Birds Piggies Escape
  • Angry Birds Heroic Rescue
  • Angry Birds Space Game
  • Angry Birds Unblock
  • Angry Birds Rio Game

As you can, all the games are related to angry birds and nothing else. Some of my favorite picks in the game list are Angry Birds Pigs Out because of its amazing difficulty. I also loved Angry Birds Unblock and Angry Birds Halloween.

Will more games be added in future?

The answer is astounding, Yes! There are plenty of amazing Angry Birds game that is still not published on the website. With more time, new games will be added. So, if you are an Angry Birds fan, it is time to bookmark the website.


I love Angry Birds. If you are like me, you have found the right place to spend your time. Also you can download angry birds game for pc. If you have any suggestion or comments, don’t forget to use the comment section below. We would love to hear what want from the website.

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