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Its been almost 7 years for Google Android existence and has 80% plus market share in the whole world which simply means out of all the phones sold across all continents 80% of them contain Google Android Operating System. This is a huge number to boast about which means almost everyone uses Android. Since it has been so popular there are developers which develops different apps for the Google’s OS. According to Google report its Play Store contains 600,000 apps and 20 Billion total installs. This is very huge and commendable and since most applications are free on Play Store its very easy to install apps instantly.

But when you install apps on your Android device these apps generates cookies or user files which the app uses to provide you just the right information you need. These user files can later turn into junk files and clog memory even after you uninstall the app or do not use. Like when you use Facebook app; the images loaded by the app are stored in cached format in your device which can take up lot of space. To keep yourself safe from this clogging there’s just a right app called Clean Master which comes to your rescue.

What is Clean Master?

Clean Master is an Android Maintenance app which cleans your mobile device from temporary data files created by other applications, removes cached files and junk files and folders left by uninstalled apps. It even manages phones memory (RAM) and clears unused apps. You can delete search results and history from browsers and other apps like Youtube or Dailymotion or even backup or uninstall apps safely using Clean Master.

Download Clean Master from Play Store

  • Open Play Store in your Android Device and search for Clean Master


  • Open Clean Master (Cleaner) and click on Install. The App will be about 6MB in size.


  • After installing Open Up Clean Master (Cleaner). The main interface looks like this.

  • The main Interface of this app is flat and easy looking. The top screen displays Total Memory Storage and RAM usage; while the screen contains four Action Buttons. Tapping on JUNK FILES will start scanning for junk files & folders in the device.


  • After completion the Interface will look something like this. The top portion displays the amount of memory that must be cleared, in my case it is 248MB. Below this the app displays what kind of memory and cached files it will remove. Scrolling downwards will give you an idea about which apps junk files will be cleared. Click on CLEAN JUNK to start junk removal process.


  • After removing JUNK FILES the interface shows what more data can be cleared from the device. Tapping on ADVANCED will show you what more unused data is taking up space in your device.


The Advanced tab contains data which might be useful for you. It contain Whatsapp chat messages, Google Maps saved map images, gallery thumbnails and it also shows media files more than 10MB in size. So look carefully before you select files to delete.
  • The second Action button is MEMORY BOOST. This will kill unused apps and system resources smartly.


  • The third action button is PRIVACY. This will detect and display what privacy data can be deleted. The top part displays ‘search phrases’ that can be removed which are saved by apps in your device.


It is recommended that you tap on every app displayed to know what ‘search phrases’ will be deleted. It will clear every ‘search string’ that you’ve entered in the displayed apps.
  • Scrolling down the PRIVACY screen will display apps which contain data related to account, passwords, messages. I recommend you to clear Facebook and Messenger data and even delete service messages for SMS app.


  • The fourth and last Action button is APP MANAGER. Just as the name says it manages your applications. Opening up app manager will display installed apps; from there you can choose either to Uninstall or Backup apps.


  • Sliding left will display the backup-ed apps while sliding furthur will display MOVE TO SD CARD screen to move apps from Phone memory to Memory Card. Select apps and tap MOVE TO SD CARD


Conclusion: Clean Master is definitely 4-apps-in-1. It is a Recommended and Must Have app for android device from

If you’re already using this app let us know your experience in the comments section. If you’re downloading the app now let us know how the app works in your case. Havw suggestion about any app which is better or similar to this let us know in the comments section because we love to hear from our users.

Author: Abhishek Tavasalkar

Abhishek is founder of AllTechTrix, CEO and founder at Auracle Infotech, Computer Engineering Student and a complete geek. Get in touch with him at Facebook | Twitter | Google+

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