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Many times it may appear that you’re having a pdf file with you and you are in desperate need to edit the contents of the file. Like you may want to change the Title displayed in the file, you need to make changes to the color of the text, change font size, add or merge different paragraphs, create tables in the file or need to make any changes possible to the pdf file you’re having. You ask a colleague next to you or any of your friend how to do it and all he’ll every say is

“You can’t edit a pdf file”

and that is when you’ll get more obnoxious and frustrated. But don’t worry; while your colleague is right that you can’t edit pdf files but here we will show you how to change pdf file to word file i.e from .pdf format to .docx format online just when you need it most at the time of crises.

Why PDF files can’t be edited?

PDF files are a product of Adobe System, Inc and were designed in such a way that it can’t be edited directly by anyone ever using it. Important documents like college results, Legal notices, proof of ownership, Bank account documents, life insurance documents are stored in pdf format so that the reader can only read the document and not make any changes to it and are the most secure way to send files over the internet without tampering.

Different website to convert PDF to Word



PDFonline I believe is the best pdf to word converter available out there on the internet. I use it everytime to edit any of my pdf files to convert it to word file. PDFonline is basically the simplest online application available if compared to other applications out there on the internet. Has a neat and simple interface as you can see from above image. It has this large ‘Upload a File to Convert’ button which when clicked opens up windows file explorer; select the pdf file you want to convert and PDFOnline will convert your uploaded file to word file within seconds. This even doesn’t ask for email id or doesn’t mails converted file to email account. You can download your converted file to your computer right after conversion. It even has an option to convert your word file to pdf too in the next tab.

Free PDF Convert

free pdf convert_page

Free PDF Convert is another best online web application that might come to your rescue while converting pdf’s to doc’s. Its has a simple and modern User Interface which is pleasing and isn’t heavy and loads pretty quickly. It allows to upload only file at a time if you’re a free user; when you upload the file a block is displayed below in red asking you to be a member and below that block it shows your file uploaded which might be tricky for first use but when you know it isn’t a problem then. It even asks for your email id to deliver converted pdf file to your mail id but it is optional. It takes a little more time to convert compared to PDF Online and after converting it shows an option to directly download the file. The catch here is after you’ve uploaded and converted your file you can’t upload another file for almost 20minutes. It asks you to sign up which can be annoying but is good for one time use. I suggest you use Free PDF Convert only if PDFonline design doesn’t appeal to you otherwise there’s no brainer.

Convert PDF to Word


If the first two website didn’t appeal you or if you want to try other web application incase the first two don’t open up then you may wanna go to Convert PDF to Word. This website is also simple as the first two website but if you compare the user interface; the user interface of Convert PDF to Word is downright ugly and is something you might not wanna stumble onto if you’re very much busy. But this doesn’t affects the functionality of the site, its truly functional and converts your file within seconds and even shows an easy option to download the file you converted.

Convert My PDF to Word


Convert My PDF to Word is actually a website which hosts a paid pdf to word software but the website also has a web application to convert your PDF files to doc. The web app is actually placed in a tricky place; it sits right at the bottom of the website so you need to scroll to the bottom of the website to find the ‘Convert File’ button. Click on it and upload your file; after conversion your file will be directly available to download without an download button. Since the website hosts paid software there are no ads on it and is very easy to use.

Convert Online Free


Convert Online Free is a web application does converts your pdf to word but also converts pdf to other formats like .txt or .jpg and even converts word to pdf. Visit the website to know other conversions too. The bad thing about Convert Online Free is it took more than 30 seconds to convert my file which 3 times more than the time taken by other web application listed above. But the shocking thing about this is the size of my doc file was almost half the size of the pdf. The sample pdf i converted had size of 78KBs whereas the converted file had size of 31KBs; Why is this shocking because the same pdf when converted from other websites had a size of almost over 200KBs. So if you have larger files then this website can solve your size issues unless you long time to spare but if space is not an issue then any websites listed above will suffice.

This was it for this post. If you have any queries, suggestions, point of view let us know in the comments section below. Know any other online tool better than listed here let us know about it too. AllTechTrix loves to hear from its readers.

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