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Everyday we use internet, we’re literally on some sort of website; whether it be social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Pinterest or Google+, banking websites, blogs, forums, eCommerce websites or any kind of website we can think of. The website we like most we usually bookmark it on the browser but we can only access those websites only when Internet is working. In some cases you stumble upon a blog article, bank guidelines, how-to articles or even wikipedia articles which you want to read but have no time to read because of some work or due to your Internet is down. What do you do then, henceforth we bring you the best way to convert webpages to PDF.

You may not have realized it but consider you want to open a savings account is some bank and it has this huge set of guidelines and requirements to be met before you even think of opening an account (this causes headache; I know) and you’re really busy and need to move out of house, so what you simple soul basically do is bookmark the page or suppose you like some article on (I hope you will someday) but you being busy would not be able to read it completely and you think of reading it in your free time; what if you could save or carry these articles with you. In such scenarios it might be easy to be able to convert webpages to PDF format and read them on the go or without Internet.

Below are the best sites I know to help you convert webpages to PDF files :


Convert webpages to pdf using expertpdf

[] basically hosts a Premium software to convert webpages to pdf and other sorts of different conversion tools but the best part here is at the bottom of the page there sits a block to convert webpages to pdf for FREE (Yipee).

Convert webpages to pdf
The Live Demo block hosts an input field to insert the URL (Universal Resource Locator) of the webpage you want to convert. Paste the url of the webpage and in seconds you’ll be able to download the PDF version of the website. Isn’t that great?


Convert webpages to pdf using pdfmyurl
[] is a simple web application which does what it says (i.e. convert webpages to pdf). Its a free tool that has a fresh design and bubbly user interface. Just drop your web page address here and in less than 10 seconds it will convert for your webpage into PDF file. You should consider this site if you want hassle free functions and are in real urgency.


Convert webpages to pdf using
[] had a boring user interface some months ago so I hadn’t been using it for a very long time (Duh! Boring design doesn’t interests me) to convert my webpages to PDF files . Visiting the website after a long time to include in this list post and its good to see the website has got a new user Interface which looks modern and navigation friendly (and I like it too). It right now host a premium plan which I do not recommend if you are going to use for some time but incase of curiosity you might have a look at them. Working is similar to the above two websites i.e. hassle free.

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Convert webpages to pdf using web2pdfconvert
This is a go-to website for me everytime I need to convert webpages to pdf files. I’ve use it almost everytime. It has a neat and clean interface. Even with a simple and easy design; [] is also powerful. Next to ‘Convert to PDF’ button is an option which opens up different features that you can play with like size and quality of pdf, set security password and more. Use it of you want to have full control over your converted PDF.

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Convert webpages to pdf using
If I had written this article some days ago would have been in the first place but I wanted to convert a whole web page into an image file instead of PDF and I stumbled upon this website. [] website can convert webpages to PDF but it can also convert websites to JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP and SVG format which makes it more productive than other web application listed above.

Conclusion: These websites are the best one you can find on the internet to get your work done. I had even used some websites in the past but they didn’t performed well as these ones or the converted PDF file gave errors while opening or could not render the exact design of the website.

This was it for this post. If you do know other similar websites which worked for you perfectly let us know in the comment section. If you have used the ones listed above let us know your experience in the comments section, because your experience counts here and we love to hear from AllTechTrix users.

Author: Abhishek Tavasalkar

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    This is really an amazing and very detailed article. Thanks for informing all of us with these nice html; file converters . In faCt before reading this post I dont know most of these but now I have tried 3 of them and believe me it was a great experience and all 3 Editors are still loaded on my PC. again thanks for this post.

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