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Did you know?

According to a recent survey, Facebook was termed as the first website people visit when they open a browser!

With all hands down, Facebook is the most popular website on the Internet. It has over 1.2 Billion Users. Everyday, users like you and me; visit Facebook. We write different status updates, upload pictures, videos; even like and share popular pages and posts.

And as a matter of fact, 350 Million Photos are uploaded on Facebook every single day. Since photos speak a thousand words. You know what your friends are doing, or what they love and hate just by looking at pictures uploaded or shared by them, don’t you?

One does not simply Facebook Meme

And surely you download pictures that you like. I really do that.


Facebook allows us to download only one photo at a time. What if you wanted to download an entire Facebook Photo Album? Facebook doesn’t allows us to download an entire album


How can I download a Facebook Photo Album?

As I said above, there’s no option to download a Facebook photo album directly from the site. But you can do this by using third party software.These software help you to download Facebook Photo Album in one click.

One such software which helps you download Facebook photo album is Fotobounce. Fotobounce, is a simple and easy to use Windows application. It helps you download an entire Facebook Photo Album in a single click.

All you need is to login to your Facebook account from the software. From there one can easily download Facebook Photo Album; whether it be your own albums, friends, FB pages, or groups… You can download just almost any album.

How do I download Facebook Photo Album using Fotobounce?

Follow the steps shown below. This will help you download Facebook Photo Album from Fotobounce.

Shall we start?

Download and Install Fotobounce

  • Download Fotobounce by clicking on this link. Fotobounce is available for Windows as well as for MacOS too.
  • After Fotobounce has been downloaded, install it. (Fotobounce takes a little longer time to install; compared to other softwares. So do keep patience. I suggest you close every other application before installation)

Open Fotobounce

  • Open Fotobounce. The interface looks simple (if not clean) as shown in image below.
  • To the left you’ll see different Internet services. You can download photos from these services. This includes Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Google+. But for now, we’ll select Facebook and click on login.

Start downloading your Facebook Photo Album

  • After you’ve logged into your Facebook account you’ll see the Permissions pop-up as shown below. Click Okay to continue.
  • Inside Fotobounce, you’ll be greeted with 4 options to select from. You can download Facebook Photo Album of your own profile, your friends, the pages you like and the pages you admin. See below picture for better understanding.
  • You can select which photos you want to download and proceed.
  • I’ve selected the ‘Likes‘ option, searched for a page I admin, and will continue with my business page Auracle Infotech Sales and Servicesfacebook-photo-album-image5
  • After double clicking on my page; it shows me all the album belonging to the page. Double click on it to view photos inside the album, else select an album (in my case, I’ve selected the Timeline album) and hit on ‘Download‘ option in the next pane. This will download Facebook Photo Album of my page Timeline.
  • After completing some steps you’ll download your photos. But there’s a catch though, your photos will be saved in Fotobounce’s library and you need to open the software each time to view the photos. To save photos in your PC, look at the left pane. Click on Albums >> Collections >> Cover Photos >> Timeline Photos. Select the album and click on ‘Export‘ to save the album to your PC.
  • After you click ‘Export‘ you’ll be shown a window with certain option. Choose the option as per appropriate to you and click on ‘Export’ option shown below. And the album will be saved on your desktop.

I personally prefer ‘No resizing‘ option and you should choose that do. So the photos aren’t hampered in any way by the software. Fotobounce even has an Android App. You can visit its Google Play Store page by clicking here.

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Author: Abhishek Tavasalkar

Abhishek is founder of AllTechTrix, CEO and founder at Auracle Infotech, Computer Engineering Student and a complete geek. Get in touch with him at Facebook | Twitter | Google+

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  1. Hi Abishek,
    This is really an amazing one!
    Hey you presented it well,
    An easy tuto to follow the step
    I must give a try and will come
    back to you with my feedback
    The technology is day by day
    progressing at which we do not
    know where this will end, anyways
    the present technology no doubt
    will make our life more and more easy LOL
    Thanks again for this interesting Technic
    to download the pic in one click
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip
    PS: Hey Abhishek, I just found this valuable post at Kingged .com the content curation page and kingged it and posted the above comment there,
    Keep writing such wonderful post
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  2. Hi Abhishek, thanks for sharing ti on
    Although you have presented a good tool for downloading FB albums in some click through this tool. I would still prefer to use chrome plugins for this purpose.

    In my opinion, using some chrome plugin for downloading all images from Facebook would be better than installing a new software tool for this reason. Anyways, for other browser users, its a good tool to try for the same.

    Still, I would like to remind that make sure to change your passwords after the process, as it is a good practice to change passwords after using third party tools on Facebook to maintain account’s integrity and security.
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  4. Hello,

    Really helpful article to download the photo album in facebook. Apart from video do you know any trick to download all videos in facebook?

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