History Of The Samsung Galaxy Phone

The history of the Samsung Galaxy is the history of the android smart phone.

After the iPhone revolution, all other cellular phone producers saw the need to catch up. At first most companies decided to launch their own operating systems in order to stand apart from Apple. It was only Blackberry that managed to have any success in this way, while all others were overshadowed by the iPhone iOS due to their inferior operating systems and over-reliance on in-house developed apps. When Google launched its Android operating system many companies were reluctant to use their OS, fearing they would lose their independence when relying on a third-party OS developer.

But the South Korean phone manufacturer Samsung decided that if you can’t beat them, join them, and fully embraced the Android OS with the Galaxy i7500. It was a step they would not come to regret. This first leap into the android OS world was no big hit for Samsung, and their follow-up Galaxy S did not necessarily improve upon the situation. They still needed to improve quality and operating mechanisms, but by the S2 Samsung had gotten their act together and became a serious threat for Apple. The entire cell phone world stood up and took notice. Even Apple began to shift nervously on its throne.

Eventually Samsung came to completely dominate the android market. In 2012 the South Korean manufacturer sold 22% of the cell phone market share. Considering that the worldwide smartphone market consists of 70% Android, this would mean that Samson is responsible for 42% of all Android sales during 2012, making Samson the most successful android phone maker in the world.

By 2014, when Samsung unveiled the galaxy S5 the world accepted the Samsung galaxy line not just as a serious contender against the iPhone, but even as a vastly superior brand.The success of Samsung is entirely due to their Galaxy brand, which has come to dominate the android market with over 50 different devices, from tablets to smart phones to phablets. They’ve reached into every possible price niche, every country, every carrier and any possible client in any walk of life.

Besides their excellent marketing, it was the relationship with Google that cemented their success. And while Motorola for example has also begun to produce Google Android smartphones, there is no doubt that Samsung has the biggest head start on them all.

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