How to Play Slitherio from School Using Slitherio Unblocked

Wondering how a game looks like when it has gameplay elements from snake and Agario? The result is the most addictive game on the internet, Slitherio. Slitherio mixes snake and Agario and presents an entirely different game altogether that is competitive, balanced and fun to play.

But, does that make the game amazing? Not, if you cannot access it from your school, college or workplace. Slitherio Unblocked is one of those unique websites that let you take control of your gaming environment and access the game whenever it is required to do so. Hence, making your play the game without any blocking whatsoever.

Play Slitherio from School Using Slitherio Unblocked

Play Slitherio from School Using Slitherio Unblocked
Slitherio Unblocked

What is Slitherio?

Slitherio is a competitive snake-based game, played on a giant board. It is occupied with other snakes who also want to become the longest snake. To grow big, you need to eat small colorful dots scattered across the board. The more you eat those, the more you grow. You should also try to crash other snakes to you and eat the debris left by them.

If you survive long enough, you will become the winner of the game! Exciting, indeed!

How to get started with Unblocked?

To get started, you need to go to the website Slitherio Unblocked from school or offices or from home and click on the available servers. After you select a server, you need to enter the name of your snake.

Once entered, your snake will be generated on the board, and now you can start playing the game. As we have discussed earlier, you need to eat small dots on the board. Try to make other snake crash and become big! The longer you survive, the better the chances that you will win. Also, stay away from big fights and drops as most of the snakes perish during the giant explosion.

Few Tips To Play game

You need to take care of few things to play Slitherio.

  • Try not to engage when a big snake dies.
  • If you become big, try to stay at the corner of the board and hover over yourself to make yourself invulnerable.
  • Use dashing by left clicking the mouse and make the most out of the game mechanics.
  • Wrap smaller snakes to make them collide to you.


If you are in school or college, and the administrators block the game, don’t worry! You can now play the game using the Slitherio unblocked server and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Share the article with your friends and make them play without any issues!

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