How to Increase uTorrent Download Speed

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Is you utorrent download speed is very slow? Are you searching for methods to increase utorrent download speed? But you don’t know how to increase utorrent download speed?

Is this right?

Are these the questions you have? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you how to increase utorrent download speed with this in-depth tutorial on utorrent software. Ready?

For readers who don’t know what utorrent is? Here’s you answer…

What is uTorrent?

utorrent  (actually refered as μTorrent) is a BitTorrent Client. It is a very popular torrent client developed by BitTorrent Inc. It is used to download files from a peer-to-peer network of torrent users. uTorrent is very lightweight and tiny BitTorrent software.

It is similar to torrent clients like Vuze and BitComet but since it has very small footprint and doesn’t hogs much system resources. It is one of the most popularly used Torrent client.

Still don’t own uTorrent?

Here’s a simple method on how to download uTorrent efficiently.

How to download uTorrent?

  • Download uTorrent by going to its official website.
  • Click on the big ‘Free Download for Windows’ button to download uTorrent on your PC. Using Mac or Linux? Click on ‘Other Platforms and Languages’ link and download uTorrent for your specific OS.
    Download uTorrent to increase uTorrent Download Speed
  • Once you download uTorrent. Click and install uTorrent on your PC, Mac or Linux system.
Now lets get started with our actual article on how to increase uTorrent download speed. Are you ready?

But before we start read this…

IMPORTANT: Readers should note that, using this trick, one can increase uTorrent download speed to the maximum bandwidth supplied by your Internet Service Provider. But you cannot exceed it. For example if your Bandwidth Speed is 1Mbps then the maximum download speed you can get is about 125-130KBps.

Open uTorrent and Follow Below Steps to Increase uTorrent Download Speed:

1. Open uTorrent, by double-clicking on desktop icon or double-click on uTorrent icon on Task Bar.


This is how your recent version of uTorrent looks like!

Download uTorrent to increase uTorrent Download Speed - Image 2
2. Click on Options and select Preferences or simply use the shortcut Ctrl+P

Increase uTorrent download speed and download utorrent - Image 3
2. Select Queueing and change Maximum number of active downloads to 1 and click on Apply.
This step allows only a maximum of one torrent to be downloaded at a time.

increase uTorrent download speed and download utorrent - Image 4
3. Click on Connection and select Enable UPnP Port Mapping. Click on Apply

increase uTorrent download speed and download utorrent - Image 5
4. Go to Bandwidth and set Maximum Upload Rate (KB/s) as 1. Click on Apply
This setting allows max of 1KBps of data to be uploaded.

increase uTorrent download speed and download utorrent - Image 6

Note: Every uTorrent user should know that as you download your torrent files; at the same time the file is also uploaded (seeded). This uploading of file does effect your download speed.

5. After this click on BitTorrent and see the Protocol Encryption block at the bottom of the window; you’ll see an Outgoing drop down list and select Enable. Click on Apply and OK

increase uTorrent download speed and download utorrent - Image 7

  • Above were the one time settings and you should keep it this way every time. If you want to experiment you can mix and match settings. If your setting can increase download limit you can let us know in the comments.

Steps to Follow Everytime you Load a Torrent to increase uTorrent Download Speed:

Below are basic steps you should follow after you load a torrent in uTorrent software.

1. Right click on your loaded torrent and select Properties

increase uTorrent download speed and download utorrent - Image 8

2. Copy Trackers URL from General tab.

increase uTorrent download speed and download utorrent - Image 9

3. Paste the Tracker URL into Web Seeds text area and click OK.
You will notice a rise in number of seeds for your downloading torrent.

increase uTorrent download speed and download utorrent - Image 10

increase uTorrent download speed and download utorrent - Image 11

increase uTorrent download speed and download utorrent - Image 12

Basic Things to Know About Downloads

  • If your Internet Service Provider provides you a bandwidth speed of 1Mbps, then max torrent download speed will be around 125-130KBps.
  • The Bandwidth provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is in bits, while torrents and Internet browsers show you download speed in bytes.
  • In simple terms Mbps = Megabits per second and MBps = Megabytes per second.
  • To know your download speed, divide your bandwidth speed 1Mbps i.e 1024Kbps by 8. The result will be 128KBps; this is your max download speed.
  • If your bandwidth speed is 2Mbps (2048Kbps) then your max download speed will be 256KBps.
  • If the torrent you download has high Seeders, you can receive download speed 100 times your bandwidth. Mine bandwidth speed is 1Mbps but receive around 5MBps of download speed for highly seeded torrents.

I’m 100% sure, this simple trick will increase uTorrent download speed by 10-20%. Not will this increase uTorrent download speed but it will stabilize it too.


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Have a great day!

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  1. Hey Abhishek,
    I would like to know what type of internet do you used yourself i.e cable net or some broadband connection like tikona and bsnl.
    Because me and my friends have 1 Mbps internet connection. I have tikona broadband connection while my friends(all 3 of them) used local cable net.
    Now the problem is as per my connection I should get 120-130 KBps speed which I am getting but with same connection speed my friends got more than 2MBps speed since they all used local net.(we check downloading same torrent file)
    So I did some research now I got to conclusion that local net give high speed for torrent download may be bcoz of poor bandwidth management software they have while broadband have wifi technology I am pretty much lock at my connection speed.
    I tried everything i can to boast my speed but i failed.
    So I was just wondering if you could tell me about your connection since you also got speed more then it suppose to. You can mail me if you would like to.
    BTW Great Article.

  2. Hi,

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  3. wow great helped me a lot brother ur genius no doughts give score 100/99 given one point but mu speed does not go to mbps its half mbps

  4. thanks man, it worked..i have a 1mbps pacenet connection n i used to get 120-130kbps dwnld speed but all of a sudden my dwnld speed dropped to about 20-30kbps …but these settings worked n now im again getting my earlier dwnld speed… 🙂

  5. but it is not at all constant.. for some time it gives 120-130 kbps speed n then it will give 5-6 kbps speed…whts wrong?

  6. jesus.. reading your comments really makes me feel better about my speeds… around 700-800 kbs… once in a blue moon I hit 1mb… but one thing about your post.. when you tell people to set maximum upload speed to 1 and not 0 that totally killed my speed…. to like 1kb… that part is not needed at all. leave it at 0

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