Love Agar.io game? Checkout Agario Unblocked!

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Agar.io is one of the most addictive game on the market. It came into existence in the from a tiny place, where the need for growing is necessary. The game offers the exact mechanics for players who want to dominate the space by becoming bigger and bigger, eating the smaller counterparts whenever needed.

Agario Unblocked

Agario Unblocked
Agario Unblocked

It is free to play and very addictive at the same time. If you are at home, you will have no problems playing the game, but the issue arrives when you are at school or office. The agar.io official servers are blocked in school and office, and it becomes hard for you to enjoy the game in the free time. You just cannot blame the office policies, but at the free time, you can surely enjoy the game on agario unblocked here.


AgarioUnblocked.net is an unofficial website for playing agar.io. It has been around for a while and can be used to play in restricted place. It aggregates all the available agar.io servers.

This way you can play the game anytime you want. Just eat out the smaller sized bacterias and run away from the bigger ones. The bigger ones are slower for balancing the game. Also you can download agario game skins here.

The Unblocked Game

The unblocked game has some different mechanics. It is more about controlling and strategizing than anything else. The base game mechanics are same, but it does improve on the earlier idea. It generates random non-player agars for faster growth. You can also customize the looks, feels of the agar and grow to dominate the server.

The game is an astounding showcase of sheer brilliance. Everyone loves a simple idea, and there is almost no learning curve associated with the game. Just open the website and start playing!

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