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How to Make Money from YouTube Part 2 – Enable Adsense

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In the first part I showed you how to easily upload a video to make money from YouTube. If you haven’t read the first part then I strongly suggest you read Make Money from YouTube Part 1. Assuming that you’ve read the first part or you already know to upload a video on YouTube and enable monetization on it; we now move to the important to make money from YouTube which is enabling the Adsense account where all you money earned from YouTube video will be stored.

What is Adsense?

For people who are new to making money online scene you first need to know the important term out there on Internet which Adsense. Adsense is a part of Google which allows people on the Internet to earn money from Google’s products like YouTube or Google Adwords. Like an online depository of your money. Whatever you earned from your YouTube videos will be sent to Adsense account and then you can get back your money through cheque (mostly read as check), Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Western Union. Let put all things aside and get started with enabling Adsense to make money from Youtube.

Step 4 – Enable Adsense

To enable Adsense go to your YouTube Dashboard and select Channel Settings. If you do not know how to do that then see in the How to Make Money From YouTube Part 1- step 3. Inside Channel Settings click on View Monetization Settings in the right panel; also shown in the picture above.


Inside Monetization settings look under Guidelines and Information, click on How will I get paid question; this is where the secret Adsense account association hides. Click on Associate an Adsense account in the next screen at the bottom there will be a Next button click on it to proceed.


Now you will be taken straight to the Adense setup screen. Here click on Yes, proceed to Google Account Sign-in. If Google gives a warning like shown below then go to Google Adsense and set up your account.


Since my current Google account is not verified for Adsense, I’ll use another account which is verified. But you need to enable Adsense on the same account you’ve uploaded your video.


Assuming that your account has been verified for Adsense I’ll move to the next step. In the next, Google will ask I want to show ads on?; your YouTube Channel will be selected as default. Click on Continue to proceed.


In the next page enter your personal details so that when you make money from YouTube; your personal Information will be important. After you’ve filled all the required details. Click on Submit my application at the bottom of the page to submit you adsense application to make money from YouTube.

Once you’ve submitted your application you’ll be redirected to your YouTube account with a message shown below.


If you receive a mail from Google Adsense then Congrats! You can start earning money from YouTube. If you didn’t  then don’t lose hope you can still submit an application again after some days. If the mails tells you to make some changes to your YouTube account then do it and then again submit the application to make money from YouTube.

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