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Let Me Guess.

You read the headline and quickly clicked through it.

The time between you read the title and hurriedly clicked through it. A little voice in your head starts bugging you. It keeps asking you!

Is this going to be another run-of-the-mill article?

Another Make Money Online method that doesn’t earns me cent?

Am I going to read something; that wastes my time?

Or is this a blogger; writing a stupid blog post? And actually offering nothing.

Is this what you think? Duh…

I suggest you read the entire article. Come back to these initial paragraphs and then answer these questions again.


Before I start. Let me tell you story, which inspired me to come with this article.


Read it carefully!

Yesterday, me and five of my friends were traveling through Mumbai’s Local Train. As soon as our train left station. Three wheatish men and a beautiful lady sat next to us. All these four people had a small and round ‘Work From Home‘ badge on their Shirts.
Work from Home badge - Make money online on
They had a similar badge (if not exact) to what I’ve designed in Photoshop.

Reading it! I knew these people would start interacting with us. And guess what, they did! The beautiful lady started interacting with my friends, asking simple questions about them. Questions that revealed their basic information.

And then as I knew, she pitched! She talked about how my friends could earn a decent income by working few hours a day. Rs. 7000 if they worked part-time and about Rs. 15,000 working full time.


And as any regular ‘Work From Home’ marketing people do, she collected their numbers – gave them her number – asked to call as soon as my friends finish their 6th semester exams. And then they dropped off the next station. As soon as they left, my friends started discussing about that lady, the work, and the offer too.

Now there are three things she didn’t mentioned.

What kind of work will they (my friends) need to do?

What will be the working hours?

Is there any kind of income proof?

“And to be true, these ‘Work From Home’ guys never talk about these three things. I am not stating that these people are cheaters or frauds. I’ve never worked with them anyway. But then; why take risk?”

So I’d liked to dedicate this article to my friends and to people who have spend their time wasting on ‘Work from Home’ methods (some of them are legit) and ‘Make Money Online‘ methods (the one I’m mentioning here is truly legit) that are either frauds or do not pay.


What is

“ is an Article Submission, Internet Marketers Social Networking, and Content Curation Site.”

Here people can submit articles they like. So other users can read it and comment on it. Thereby bringing targeted traffic, valuable comments and subscribers too; to the original website or blog.
Homepage of - make money online

What can offer me?

If you are a blogger, you can submit your article link on and write a small description about the article.

Different users then see your article. Visit your site using the submitted article. They then comment on your site and even on the article submitted. Users can either ‘King’ or ‘Unking’ your article (see top left portion of image below) depending if they like it or not.

A typical article submitted on looks like this.
typical article submission on - make money online
If you are a casual user, you can still register on the site and make money online.

OK! Now Tell me How Can I Make Money Online from this Site?

Just Comment!

There are no frills whatsoever.

So the more you comment, the more your chances of making money online.

What I said above, I’ll re-frame it again.

“You basically have to visit daily, read the original article shared on Come back to again, comment on the submitted article and if you are among the top commenters you win Cash Prizes daily.”

So what’s the Catch?

  • Make sure you aren’t a spammer.
  • Your comments should be valuable and related to the article.
  • Leaving one-liner or generic comments will not qualify you for cash prizes. This might even get your comments disavowed.

Before awarding any cash prizes. The moderating team at; goes through each and every comment made on the site throughout that day. They are like the police of Having a good rapport with in-house contributors; helps you make money online from

They disavow comments which are either one-liner or generic. Some comments which do not add value to the article are also disqualified. Even comments which are made in desperation to win cash prizes are also rejected.

Here is an example of user, he used to copy comments made on original article and paste them on to make money online. This user was later disqualified and banned from
Banned User on - make money online
This is what happens to people who try to spam on They are either disqualified or not allowed to make comments.

What are the exact details of Cash Prizes?

To be true; there isn’t any website or portal on the entire Internet that helps you make money online just for leaving (valuable) comments. (If there is? please let us know in the comments section.) features not one or two but four different cash prizes.

“One cash prize is of $10, while other three cash prizes are of $5 each.”

The first prize is of $10. Awarded to the user with most comments throughout the day.

So if everyday you make the highest number of comments. You will earn $70/week and as per the title, $280/month.

The second prize is of $5. This cash prize is awarded to the user with 2nd most comments throughout the day.

Now! Two more cash prizes are named as ‘Random Comment of the day‘ and ‘Most Valuable Commenter of the day

‘Random Comment’ cash prize is chosen randomly by admin Kingsley. So even if you didn’t make it as the top two commenter. You have chances of winning this cash prize too.

The last cash prize ‘Most Valuable Commenter’ is awarded to a user who makes most valuable comments on throughout the day.

To know the entire details of the cash prize Click Here.

A typical daily cash giveaway on looks like this.
Daily Cash Giveaway on - make money online
Another surprise offered by is Kingsley’s Wild Card (Kingsley is the admin of

These too are $5 cash prizes awarded to users who made (valuable) comments on but didn’t win other four cash giveaways. Kingsley’s Wild Card is an unannounced cash prize giveaway. It’s the admin who decides when to give this cash prizes.

Here is an example when gave away $60 cash prizes in a single day.
Kinsley Wild Card on - make money online

“To tell the truth. The admin of Kinsley Oghojafor is a very nice and kind person. The best thing is; you don’t have to ask for your money. Kingsley delivers your money to your Paypal account every Monday. Later on he shoots personal message to every user whom he has paid.”

Here is the message Kingsley shoots us after making payment.
Kingsley Paypal Message - make money online on

OK Nice! Any Payment Proof?

Yes! there is.

I’ve received two $10 payments from on my Paypal account.
paypal payment proof of $10 - make money online on
This is the payment I received on 17th April, 2014 from Kingley Oghajafor.

Even different user comment on as soon as they receive their money.

Here is an example.
jakes 3rd payment on - make money online
So what are you waiting for. Register on now and start making money online commenting.

Before you leave; go to the initial paragraphs and answer those questions too. I hope you remember.


Are You a Blogger?

Wait! there’s more for you.

If you are a normal user, go to and start making money.

But if you are a blogger; there’s more can offer you other than money.

Wanna Know?

For Regular Member; this is what the site offers:

  • Targeted Traffic.
  • Valuable Comments.
  • Comment Luv Enabled for Comments.
  • Interaction and relationship with other budding bloggers.

For Featured Members:

  • All features of Normal User.
  • Do-Follow link from (PR4).
  • Your name along with recent article submitted on side bar on
  • Exposure to every member and visitor.

Now if you are thinking how to be a featured member? Or do you have pay to be a featured member? The answer is


“To be a featured member you have to be regular and valuable commenter on Get under the eyes of admin. Make some friends, reply to comments. Point mistakes inside articles of newbie bloggers. Later the admin decides either to make you a featured member or not.”

To make it simple. I became a featured member. Only after 20 days of joining

The admin will then shoot you a message claiming you’ve become a featured member. And boom you’ll see a lot of traffic coming to your site as your name and link to site appears on side bar of

Here’s an image of my Google Analytics Traffic report. Look at No. 6.
alltechtrix google analytics report - make money online from
Now the exciting thing here to note is the Bounce Rate and Average Visit Duration. has the lowest Bounce rate of 35.19% and highest Average Site Time of 13.20 minutes on my site.

My Personal Thoughts on

I discovered through Cameroon blogger Enstine Muki’s self named site

After a couple of days; I submitted my first post on And to my surprise, comments started to show up on that submission. I remember one of contributor Sunday pointing out mistakes in my articles, which I gladly accepted.

And as I said above, the admin Kingsley is a very kind and nice person. If you have any doubt about anything on you can message him and expect a quick reply too.

I personally feel very special being a member of It helped me make money online.

Since it is also an IM social networking site. You can send friendship requests to other bloggers and even follow them. Even users are very kind and lovable.

For new bloggers; its a nice chance for you to make money online pretty quick. You even get to make friendship with other budding bloggers too.

So don’t wait. Go to, register yourself and start winning cash prizes and targeted traffic to your site.

But Before you leave…

Here’s What To Do Next…

If you liked this article. Could you do me a favor?

Share This

As bloggers we spend lot of time coming with an article. Which is not only helpful to you but also a great source of information and knowledge.

And sharing an article is the prize we get from you. This will also let your friends know; what you have read online. Imagine what would happen; if people just read articles and didn’t shared them. A piece of information would stay locked on that blog only; and other users would not even know what is out there.

So for the future of mankind; do share it. 🙂


Make sure you do leave a comment below and express your thoughts about this article. Do not hesitate to ask questions you have in your mind about this. I will surely answer them. Or even if you know sites similar to; do let us know about it too.

We love to hear from you.

Have a great day! Folks.

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Author: Abhishek Tavasalkar

Abhishek is founder of AllTechTrix, CEO and founder at Auracle Infotech, Computer Engineering Student and a complete geek. Get in touch with him at Facebook | Twitter | Google+

46 thoughts on “Revealed: The Secret to Making $280 Per Month from”

  1. Hi Abhishek,
    This post is awesome! It readily reveals all that KINNGED.COM stands for. A lot of people want proofs before they can take some legit steps, I guess your post has brought in a lot of convictions.

    My best takeaway in this post is the fact the commenters are reminded to follow the rules which are strictly complied with.

    For many that want to make money online, this website is a clear legit opportunity to explore.

    This comment was shared in where this article was found.

    Sunday – contributor
    Sunday recently posted…Why Can’t All Criminals Be This Social Media Stupid?My Profile

  2. Hello Sunday,

    I loved that you loved the post.

    And to be true my main agenda was not just to bring forward as a legit money making machine. But to bring forward what really stands for and what it offers except the money.

    I’m hoping that my article pays off.

    And thanks for the comment Sunday. Have a great day!

  3. Hi Abhishek,
    I think you explained many of the details of

    I like that you started at the very beginning with “What is”. I read so many posts that start talking about a topic as if the reader already knows the introductory points. And many times, the readers don’t know them.

    I am also glad that you explained no spamming. I think not only does that let everyone know the rules, but it also gives more credibility to the site. It shows that is looking for members who really want to comment . . . which means more than one liners saying “good post.”.

    It was also good that you gave an example of what not to do–which is copy what someone else said. I think through the examples you showed that is looking for members who want to participate in an honest manner.

    I also like that you talked about being a featured member. I think that is a great point. I know when I become a featured member I was honored. So, I like that you are telling others that if they work hard and really try to contribute, that this is a possibility.

    I do like the many points you brought out in your post.

    I read this on 🙂
    Barb Brady recently posted…#3.02 DropBox: Amazing Way to Simplify TechnologyMy Profile

  4. Hello Barb,

    That’s so nice of you to leave such a valuable comment.

    Having a Barb Brady comment on my blog post, makes me believe that my article is really awesome. And I mean it Barb.

    Thanks for picking out the sweet little points from the article; which most of the people miss to consider. I am very glad that you poured so much information in the comment itself. Appreciate that fact Barb.

    You comment really made this article look like gold. And even is so great, that’s I think it deserves this treatment.

    Thank You and have a great day Barb.

  5. I couldn’t agree more. I think this is the best review about! Well detailed, well written, well-introduced and very clear. You have shown proofs, examples and how the awarding goes. Spot on I must say! An amazing article highlights this amazing content curation site.

    I concur with you that Kingsley is such a kind and nice person. Personally, I can say he cares, he lends a hand to everyone, to know how to make people feel better, he encourage and he motivates, he gives corrections for you to learn, all in all he is an amazing and very friendly person.

    That is the best in here, the members are friendly working hand in hand and the Admin is very visible.

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social bookmarking and networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  6. Thanks you Metz.

    It’s so great to hear such kind words from your about the article.

    Since you’re one of the contributors here. I know you can relate to my article.

    And I believe its not about just one person or two. Every member here has his/her efforts in making this site what it is right now.

    And I love the fact that Kingsley gives new members many chances of helping them and correcting their mistakes. Instead of just removing them.

    For me its a great experience on

  7. Hello there,

    I am so pleased to read this article. A very informative article my dear friend. It is awesome to read such testimonials for our very own kingged(dot)com.

    I stumbled here via kingged.
    rohan recently posted…How to Earn Money?My Profile

  8. Abhishek, my man, that was a detailed post! I appreciate the work you put in towards making that article. I appreciate you for contributing in such a scale back to the Kingged community!

    Sure enough, the community is full of bustling members. The community has in store many advantages for its members. The cash giveaway is one such advantage.

    Being a member who has been active and who has enjoyed the benefits associated with Kingged, I must say that the things you described and listed in this article regarding Kingged are true! 🙂

    And regarding admin Kingsley and the moderators, they are awesome guys!

    I found the link to this article on Kingged. I’ll be up-voting it there for sure! 🙂

    Arun Kallarackal recently posted…24 Things You Don’t (But Should) Know about SnapchatMy Profile

  9. To be very true Arun., Kingsley and other admins here have poured up so much on us bloggers. definitely required a review for their efforts.

    And I think my article is just a by-product of what I’ve gained from

    Not just money. But also a do-follow link from a PR4 site, traffic, engagement, valuable comments and discussions with other bloggers too.

    And I believe everyone who is a member of should come up with an article for the site. That should be so great.

    Anyways thanks for the comment Arun. Appreciate it a lot. And have a great day!

  10. Kingged rocks! B)

    Once again, congratulations to the daily winners for the last two weeks (I think?), including you Abhishek and see you always with your overwhelming participation on this awesome platform.

    I have been reading some articles that reviewed Kingged as a helpful, amazing and the best website for all bloggers, who are striving to get various blogging benefits, including real cash. 🙂

    This one counts as a proof of how great Kingged works. Keep it up!

    Good endorsement, anyway. 🙂

    Have a great day!


    By the way, I found this post shared on

  11. I am thrilled by your response Ann on my article about

    And to be honest. I really wasn’t worried about the delay. I was just hoping that Kingsley recovers from whatever problem he was facing. And was glad to see him after two weeks.

    And I strongly believe that every member of should come up with a review of in his own way. That would really be very great.

    Anyways thanks for the comments Ann. Respect it a lot.

    Have a great day!

  12. Whao, this is one of the most comprehensive article regarding earning on, you said it all, from what kingged is all about, how to engage, how to earn and lastly a proof on how you get paid.

    This is great and also forward to write about earning on, i am also a past winner on For those still doubting, is real and you are missing alot i you are not yet a active member on the platform.

    Get register, engage with articles, get referral traffic to your blog articles with the help of commentluv and lastly earn cash 🙂 wow!!, this is more than a community.

    Thumb up to kingsley and nice write up Abishek

    I found the link to this post on Kingged and i have also kingged it on
    Olamosh recently posted…Interview with Bishal Biswas – A 12 year old Indian Blogger & NetpreneurMy Profile

  13. This was an hell lot of an appreciation in a comment Olamosh. I am very much glad you liked the article. It feels great when a blogger comes up with an article and another blogger appreciates him about the article so much.

    Thanks for pointing out the highlighters in the article.

    And Yes! Thanks to Kingsley and, it offers so much to bloggers. Money, Traffic, Backlink, friendship with new bloggers and even so much valuable comments on our own site.

    I am glad I found at a very early stage in my blogging career and it helped me iron out so many mistakes I have made.

    Thanks for the comments Olamosh! Have a great day!

  14. Hi Abhishek,

    Great information you shared…….!!!
    Actually because of your post I connected with kingged community. I read your whole post and infographics you shared which are very useful to understand kingged.

    I appreciate your dedication to write this article as well as reveals very simple way. Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us.

    I found this article on
    Gangadhar recently posted…Free High PR RSS Feed Submission Sites List to Promote Your Feeds and Earn Quality BacklinksMy Profile

  15. Hello Gangadhar,

    I am glad that my article inspired you to join and you’re doing very good here.

    And yes I was very much dedicated to come up with a review of which does it justice.

    And do keep visiting the website for some great content.

    Have a great day!

  16. Hello Abishek,

    This is an excellent review of It is very detailed and self-explanatory. People when they read this review they know what to expect from and also what not to do when they join. I think it is very important that you pointed out what kind of comments that are accpetable and what is not. That really cuts down on people joining just so they can make some fast cash and not really participating fully and respectfully.

    It also keeps the community running smoothly and the review you have given outlines all the benefits that you receive from joining such a great community. You can see that is a great community to be apart of and they really care about their members. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    I found this blog post on and Kiinged it!
    Maketta recently posted…Do You Want To Order From Amazon But Don’t Want To Leave Twitter?My Profile

  17. You’re very welcomed Maketta for such an awesome comment.

    And to be true. I wanted to review so that it could be one-stop for all. And I’m happy to see that it worked. I’ve got so much response to my article.

    And to be true. When you tell people, one can make money from a website just by commenting. They’d think, even Facebook like comment would help. But then it was important to point out that you need to add value to so that provides you with value (read Cash)

    And yes is a great community and it does takes care of its member. I don’t see such love and care from any other content curation site. I don’t even see engagement.

  18. Hey,

    First, Congratulations for your earning and thanks for the awesome trick to make money online via commenting. I would never, if someone says me but after reading your review I started believing.
    So, let’s try it out and earn some money. Thanks for the opportunity 😀

  19. I’m very glad Sohil for your interest in my article.

    And just like I’m to comprehensive about making money online articles. And to be true making money online is one thing and then getting them deposited in our bank account is another.

    And does just that. And yes you should definitely give it a try.

    Have a great day.

  20. wow! just signed in to kingged, and the first article i came over is, this. This is gonna be really motivational to make money online using kinnged.

    Nice info!

  21. Thank You Very Much.

    And really is a great source for bloggers to making money online. Its really a cool.

    And not just money. One gets targeted traffic from which even helps in improving Alexa Rank.

    Hope to see there often too

  22. Hey Abhishek congratulations for your earnings 🙂 This is the the best and detailed review of kingged I have ever read. I am already registered on kingged but never took it seriously but after reading your post and because of your excellent wrinting skills, my mind is changed now and soon I am going to be an active kingger like you.
    Congrats once again and way to go 🙂
    Rajat Kulshrestha recently posted…Finally It Is Possible To Know Who Has Visited My Facebook Profile !!My Profile

  23. That’s very good Rajat.

    Just like you I too didn’t believed about making money from But I submitted some of my articles there and replied to comments.

    And guess what I was announced winner two times and I didn’t knew about it too. And later on the money flows from to my Paypal and then to my bank account.

    You should surely try its 100% legit. Have a great day Rajat.

  24. I am here on Kingged from last couple of days and I must say that Kingged is much more than I have expected from this network.

    It’s not only a real money making platform, it’s a great source of quality information too. I found some of the best articles about SEO, Email marketing, SMO, Blogging and Affiliate marketing. As these are the topics of my interest.

    Anyone, who wants to get more value everyday about any topic (if it’s in the categories of Kingged), he/she should try Kingged.

    By the way, with proper dedication and being a quality commenter, one can even make more than $280 too.
    And thanks Abhishek, for sharing it on too.

  25. Thank You Sandeep,

    For leaving true thoughts about

    Infact is the only place where you find quality curated content along with many industry experts commenting on it. In almost every other content curation sites I’ve seen blogger just submit their article and return back only to submit another article.

    But here at, things are maybe a 1,000,000 times better (seriously). Here on can get quality targetted traffic for his articles and even engaging comments from different bloggers. This however increases a blog’s alexa rank and also establish it to attain an authority.

    And yeah, one can make a lot more that $280 here. Just need to be dedicated and need to add quality to the site. And keep visiting my site too…

    Have a great day!

  26. Hi Abhishek,

    Wow I must say youv’e worked hard writing this article. I too joined kingged some 3 months ago and I really had a great time there.

    The cash giveaway was a success for me as well, as I earned around 40$ with it.

    Talking about traffic, yeah I am getting good traffic from kingged as well, but the best part about it is that it is QUALITY TRAFFIC..

    Thanks for the post , I found this on kingged

    Iftekhar Ahmed recently posted…Simple Tweak To Reduce Bounce Rate by Over 50%My Profile

  27. Hi Abhishek,
    Indeed this is a well written review on and its wonderful activities,
    I am also too glad to know about this great platform and be a part of it and in a short period of time I too could taste the results of being with them in participating in its activities, and I am glad to say that I too could fetch different giveaway cash awards from
    I fully agree with you about the things you said about kingged and its organizers, especially about
    It’s Admin Kingsley. His quick reply to our queries, doubts etc itself is proof enough to its worth and reality.
    Your review covered almost all of its activities and the connected links will surely help others to get more information about this wonderful platform of Internet Marketing.
    The screen shots and other pictures speaks and reveals the truth about this webpage.
    Thanks for your time and energy to develop such a review.
    Keep writing
    Ps: Sorry Abhishek I really missed this valuable post

    Hey, I found this at and I kingged it and posted a comment there.
    This is indeed a wonderful information to many who join in the w w w 🙂
    Philip Varghese Ariel recently posted…Let Us Save Our Environment For Our BenefitMy Profile

  28. It is very detailed and self-explanatory. People when they read this review they know what to expect from and also what not to do when they join. I think it is very important that you pointed out what kind of comments that are accpetable and what is not. That really cuts down on people joining just so they can make some fast cash and not really participating fully and respectfully.
    It also keeps the community running smoothly and the review you have given outlines all the benefits that you receive from joining such a great community. You can see that is a great community to be apart of and they really care about their members. Thanks for sharing this with us

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