Become a Doctor! Top MBBS and B.Des (Dental) Colleges In India

Top MBBS Colleges in India

India has a huge potential for doctors!

With moderate competition, well equipped colleges and a huge amount of human resources to treat and cure, it will be enjoying for the passionate to get into this field!

A doctor aspirant must study for a period of 5 and half years, which includes 4 and half years of study work and 1 year of rotating internship. The study period is divided into three segments of 18 months each.

The 18 months phase is further divided into three semesters, of 6 months each! You need 50% to pass in the examinations.

Every semester has a semester exam at the end, and every 18 months phase, known as a professional, has a professional exam succeeding it.

Eligibility for becoming an MBBS

The procedure and criteria for becoming a doctor in India is strictly under control of Medical Council of India (MCI).

Below are the main requirements:

  1. One must have passed Standard 12th PCB with at least 50% for marks, for general category and at least 40% marks, for backward classes.
  2. One must have completed 17 years before the 31st of December of the corresponding year.

That’s it, match the above two conditions and you’re eligible to get into a college to become a doctor.

Best MBBS Colleges in India

Top MBBS Colleges in India

It’s always advisable to get admission in the best colleges, be it any field. Top MBBS Colleges in India have good facilities, excellent teachers, extra-curricular activities, better scope for getting hired somewhere etc.

These reputed institutes get full fast, so make sure to be quick! 😉

Follow the below link to know about some good MBBS Colleges:

Best MBBS Colleges in India

Using the above link, you can browse for and filter some of the best colleges in India, and probably get into the one that suits you the most!

Top Dental Colleges in India

We all know who is a dentist. A person who has attained a BDS degree is entitled to be known as a dentist.

A BDS degree needs four years of study and one year of compulsory internship.

Dentistry has a vast scope in India because of the ever increasing tooth problems of the people, all because of the recent changes in the diet.

Follow the link below to browse through some of the reputed BDS Colleges in India:

Top BDS Colleges in India

Just like the previous link, you can browse and filter, as per your need!

ManavRachna Dental College, Faridabad

MRDC Faridabad

MRDC (ManavRachna Dental College), Faridabad is one of the reputed dental colleges in India. It has earned extraordinary fame and boasts of producing some of the best doctors in India.

Find more information about this institute from the below link:

ManavRachna Dental College, Faridabad


As said before, Medical field has a vast scope, with great possibilities to earn and enjoy simultaneously!

Though the study is long, (this is what prevents many students from applying) it is actually worth it! Getting in a hospital with a chain of doctors after graduation can also mean good practice and payout, having a private clinic is profitable either.

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