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On September 8, 2014
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MobiKin Assistant for Android (Windows Version) - Best Tool to Manage EVERYTHING on Your Android Phones & Tablets through Desktop Computer

Mobikin Assistant for Android PC Suite Review –  Google’s Android Operating System rules the smartphone mobile industry.

Around 87% of all smartphones today are powered by Android Operating System, isn’t it?

Aren’t you using one right now?

Life was a lot easier before the wrath of smartphones. With smartphones nowadays costing less than your standard wristwatch, everyone owns one!

With this surge of Android Smartphones, comes the complexity of managing it.

Since an Android Smartphone doesn’t come with an Android PC Suite, it very hard to manage our Android Operating System powered smartphone.

This is where Mobikin Assistant for Android comes to our rescue.

This is an excellent Android PC Suite and will save a huge amount of time managing your Android Smartphone.

One by one, I will go through the features Mobikin Assistant for Android, are you ready?

Features of Mobikin Assistant for Android

Easy Setup and Go

Out of all the Android PC Suite software I’ve used; it was fairly easy to get started with Mobikin Assistant for Android.


Every other Android PC Suite requires Android Smartphone device drivers installed on your computer.

Before connecting you’ll have to search on Internet for downloading and installing device drivers on your PC but not when you have Mobikin Assistant for Android.

Mobikin assistant for android pc suite - setup


Once Mobikin Assistant for Android is installed on your computer, connect your Android Smartphone to PC via USB cable. This Android PC Suite requires only to activate USB Debugging Mode on your device.

Don’t know how to activate USB Debugging Mode on your Android Smartphone?

“Go to Settings >> Developer Options >> USB Debugging. If you don’t see Developer Options, go to About Phone and tap 7-10 on Built Number, later it will display a You are under Development Mode. Again then go back to Settings, you’ll now see Developer Options just above About Phone. Inside it tick USB Debugging.”

Once USB Debugging is enabled, Mobikin Assistant for Android detects your device connected to PC via USB Cable.

The best part comes now, once detected Mobikin Assistant for Android PC Suite automatically searches for device drivers. Once searches, your Android Smartphone drivers are then automatically downloaded and installed on your PC.

This saves you the hassle for searching the right device driver.

Once everything is finished, this Android PC Suite asks you to reconnect USB cable and your Android Smartphone is now synced with Mobikin Assistant for Android.

Backup and Manage Contacts

I always lose lot of time finding the right contact to call to; I have multiple Gmail accounts, Phone Store, Memory Card and couple of SIM card, all configured to store Contacts.

Mobikin assistant for android pc suite - contacts

I did this in order to prepare for an Android Smartphone Apocalypse but didn’t know this would come to haunt me later.

I had multiple contacts with the same name saved over different contacts storing location. Due to social media account, some contacts don’t even have mobile number in them and only contain email id.

Mobikin Assistant for Android PC Suite helped me in this situation. It has a duplicate contacts finder option to weed out similar contacts from our Android Smartphone Phonebook.

Mobikin has a detailed guide on how to transfer contacts from Android to PC, do read it.

Backup, Manage and Send Messages

I usually hate SMSs these days as all of them are spam and non-useful to any extent. Such junk SMSs do eat up lot of space on one’s smartphone.

Mobikin assistant for android pc suite - messages

By using Mobikin Assistant for Android PC Suite, I was able to delete all these text messages within seconds. If I were wanting delete these junk SMSs from my smartphone itself, 15-20 Minutes would have been wasted. Mobikin has a detailed guide on how to transfer messages from Android to Computer on its official site, do read it.

The best part is, after using Mobikin Assistant for Android I was able to discover some cool offers my telecom operator had sent regarding high talk time and cheaper call rates. Due to time constraints I used to not read and dismiss such SMSs but this Android PC Suite came to my rescue.

Manage Android Applications Efficiently

It’s hard to realize this, but we keep installing Android Apps frequently on our smartphone via Google Play Store. Over time, we do forget to uninstall these apps once we stop using them.

Mobikin assistant for android pc suite - apps

My smartphone had over 60 apps installed on it, once connected Mobikin Assistant for Android PC Suite I realized there were 32 apps that I haven’t used for weeks or even some months. Uninstalling those apps helped me free over major memory in my smartphone.

This Android PC Suite also has Google Play Store embedded in it like the one we saw in Wondershare Mobilego for Android PC Suite; which helps you install apps on your smartphone via Play Store directly from your computer.

Isn’t this cool?

Import and Export Media Files

Media files like Images, Videos and Music are heart and soul of an Android Device. It’s so easy to take a picture or record a video straight from your Android Smartphone.

Due to regular sharing media files over instant messaging applications like Whatsapp, WeChat, Line, Viber and Emails its easy to clutter your phone.

Mobikin assistant for android pc suite - media

Different Media Files from different applications are stored in different type of folders. Sometimes it’s even hard to locate such files from your Android File Manager.

Mobikin Assistant for Android makes managing such media files very easy; one can even import and export files to-and-fro your Computer and Android Smartphone with this excellent Android PC Suite.

Moving Ahead…

This was my sweet little review about Mobikin Assistant for Android PC Suite. If you’ve used this software do let me know your thoughts about it in the comments.

This Android PC Suite has over 740,000 downloads and so many people can’t be wrong when it comes to choosing the right PC Suite for your Android Smartphone, isn’t it?

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Have a great day folks! Keep visiting.

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Author: Abhishek Tavasalkar

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  1. Hi Abhishek,

    I have always appreciated your writing style, and here I am again at your blog! I just can’t resist myself from coming here! 🙂

    You’ve reviewed an awesome product, really! Even though I am so addicted to tech and smartphones, I didn’t even know about it!

    The name of the product is quite unique, right? Well, the features are unique too!

    I especially loved the feature of downloading android apps directly from PC. This can reduce the hassle of downloading APK files. I guess I need to try this out!

    And yes, the feature of exporting images is not at all bad! We may need it, anytime!

    Thanks for such an awesome review! Have a nice day! 🙂
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