New Member of the SmartWatch Family: Aiwear M2S Bluetooth SmartWatch

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Everybody knew when the telephone became mobile that it is going to create a revolution. And slowly with software and hardware manufacturers taking interest into the subject, “SmartPhones”, becoming an essential part of our lives was inevitable.

But when the first “SmartWatch” was announced many among the crowd were skeptical about its place in our life. But somehow the device has found a foothold and is effectively fulfilling some wanting of techies that the “smartphones” didn’t satisfy.

Basically, these are the luxury gadgets with many productive and time-saving utilities that have become a yearning among us tech-junkies. Esteemed companies like Samsung, LG, Moto and Apple has already offered the some of their Smart Watches, to the Market.

The M2S Bluetooth SmartWatch by Aiwear is another SmartWatch to diversify this growing market. All the features the device has to offer has been provided below:


The Aiwear M2S SmartWatch has a futuristic design with OLED screen and has life water resistant. The M2S Smart Watch comes with various colors which will be options appealing to both genders who are bored of plain corporate black and white.

The watch is made out of plastic and silicon which construct the case and band of the watch respectively. It is quite lean and looks like a wristband. The device will weigh in about 0.025 kg.

Performance and Battery Life:

The M2S is powered by an NRF51822 chipset which is decent and adequate to get you’re done. It also comes with Bluetooth 4.0 hence stating the obvious; you can connect it with other Bluetooth gadgets.

This device has a 60mAh Li-polymer Battery with a standby time of 5-10 days and takes about 60 minutes to charge up.

Key features:

Well merely informing the time isn’t the purpose of a SmartWatch. It needs some more features, some more utilities, something more “smart”. So here are the some key features the Aiwear M2S has to offer:

•    Your Health Friend

The Aiwear M2S measures the value of your heart rate with the support of dynamic and static heart rate monitoring. It will monitor your daily movement, sleep quality and inform you when you should take a break. It can also calculate the consumed and burned calorie of your everyday life.

Hence, you get a visual, detailed health status along with advice to maintain or fix any health related issues.

•    Real Time Notification:

Is pulling out your phone out of your pocket bugging you while you are middle of something important or having some leisure time? Well here is the answer.

The Aiwear M2S can inform you about incoming calls. You can see your caller seamlessly and attend the call concerning its priority. Also, you will get in hand notification, quite literally.

This feature involves with handy Bluetooth 4.0 technology that comes built-in.


•    Support for iOS and Android users:

The gadget also allows data synchronize with your Android or iOS smartphones and let control the device remotely by downloading apps from App Store or Google play store.

For example, you can have the device control your smartphone and let you enjoy the pleasure of taking a picture just by a twist of your wrist.


Considering the competition between the “smart” products in market Aiwear M2S does seem to have a place. Check out the product at GearBest for detailed info. You can also buy it at the best buy price of $19.99.

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