How a Quote on Facebook Changed the Way I See Life Now!

Optimism is the key to life.

Every day I see people whining and complaining about a lot of stuff.

Being an Optimist person myself, I sometimes wonder why do these people keep complaining about very petty things in life.

I wonder why don’t these people try to see the brighter side of life.

Why don’t these people appreciate of what they have which others only imagine to have.

A while ago I had read a quote on Facebook which said as follows,

“Be Happy with the life you have, you don’t know how many people are wanting to have the life you have.”

This quote started to dawn on me, after that I started to see things from another perspective that day.

Though I never complain about petty issues, but I used to be worried about a lot of things and thinking about the things I don’t have.

After I read that quote, I was feeling Optimistic about myself that…

  • I have a big house to live.
  • I have intelligent, caring and freedom inducing parents to live with.
  • I am blessed with a High Configured Computer which my friends can only imagine to own
  • I have the basic knowledge to access the computer, use Facebook and look at the beautiful things.
  • And I can read that Status.

Changes that Occurred After That Incident

After that day, I tried seeing at the brighter side of things, I appreciate the presence of everything I had – good or bad and I tried calming people down; instead of trying to help them solve their problem.

I asked them to first stay calm, take a deep breath and realize do you really need to worry about that problem?

And 80% of time, their answers were a clear ‘NO’.

I then tell them about the happy things that they have in their and ask them to appreciate it.

This would fill their mind with optimism and being patient for a while they themselves would find the solution to their problems.

Let me Tell You my Story of Optimism

I was 7 years old back then, and was in another town for my cousin sister’s Engagement.

Since the hall we were in was crowded, my uncle took me out with him along with his 2 year old sold.

We were roaming around the market and I was holding my uncle’s hand but due to huge rush there I was forced to leave his hand but I made sure I walked next to him.

A little later I found that my uncle was nowhere to be found, I searched around but I didn’t find him.

I got scared, I started crying.

Just on the roadside, there was a beggar family. The lady sitting there made me sit on her lap and gave me water to drink.

She asked me who I was, where I came from and where were my mom and dad. I didn’t understood anything and was crying.

I was thinking, I am lost, I now won’t find my parents and what will happen to me and all.

I dunno how, but there came a police jeep and the beggar lady handed me to the police and he too started asking questions and since I was filled with hope that police might take me to my parents, I answered what I knew and description of where the engagement was.

Since the place was very nearby, the policeman took me to the hall, he said “Lookup! Is there where you come from?”. - Look Up

There I saw my parents…

That was the moment I will never forget, seeing their face, it filled my heart with joy and optimism.

I was happy to see them and was amazed that my parents didn’t knew that I was missing.

Being with the policeman while he was walking with me, I was very optimistic that I’ll get to my parents and meet them.

Later on… when I think of that incident, I have lot of respect for the beggar lady who tried to calm me down. Though she had nothing to offer, she understood my pain and gave me water to drink and didn’t asked anything in return.

So thinking now about the same incident, I am optimistic that humanity hasn’t died and just to keep to memories alive I keep helping a lot of people who I see in trouble without expecting anything in return, not even money when I pay my friends bill.

Sometimes I wish, I could have told my parents to find that lady and thank her for what she did.

Since now its impossible to know who she was, just for a remembrance of that incident I help people a lot.

Let me conclude by saying, don’t get sad about anything in life. Keep up the hopes and try to see the happy things in life.

Try to have an optimistic look towards your life because…

“What doesn’t KILLS you will only make you STRONGER.”

Hope you all have a nice and optimistic day and life ahead!

Author: Abhishek Tavasalkar

Abhishek is founder of AllTechTrix, CEO and founder at Auracle Infotech, Computer Engineering Student and a complete geek. Get in touch with him at Facebook | Twitter | Google+

2 thoughts on “How a Quote on Facebook Changed the Way I See Life Now!”

  1. thanks so much for that beautiful and inspirational post. I happen to be one of those who believe that there are lots of good people walking the face of this earth, with the heart to help others in difficulty without anything in return. Secondly; my favourite quote is ” attitude is everything”. the way we choose to see a situation makes s whole lot of difference.

  2. Hey Abhishek,

    A touching post indeed! Honestly, I am not that optimistic about my life as I should be but as I am discovering the better part of my life these days, I believe that I will be optimistic like you for sure! 🙂

    The period of adolescence is really unique. You’ve experienced it so you know it! Maintaining optimism at this stage would indeed be challenging!

    Have a nice day!

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