HOT! Make Money From PayTM.com by Doing Mobile Recharge!

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It’s the technological era, and making money online is the most sought after!

People are finding new and new techniques to make money online, and most of the tricks require no skill and no knowledge, just a bit of smart work and efforts!

And the results? EPIC! Bountiful cash is made with little efforts, and many have even managed to get a living out of it!

In this article, we have one trick like this. You are going to learn how to make money from PayTM!

But first, some basic information about this site, especially for the people who don’t know what it actually is!

What is PayTM?

Make Money from Paytm

PayTM is a website which lets you recharge your mobile/DTH.

Oh, man what is so good about it? Hold on! PayTM also offers you discount coupons for every recharge you make and also there are cashback offers going day in and out.

Meaning, you never pay the full amount for the recharge – you get a cashback in most cases and also get coupons for various restaurants/e-commerce websites.

Besides, the cashback offered may be in value of PayTM cash, which you can use to buy products directly from PayTM.

You see, PayTM is also slowly turning into an e-commerce portal!

PayTM is India’s leading website for recharging your mobile/DTH. They have a mobile app as well.

Thus, PayTM makes tons of recharges daily!

How to make money using PayTM?

As said before, PayTM never makes you pay the full amount for recharge.

Got the key? We are going to use this point for our benefit.

Yes, you can make money using PayTM by using recharge for people at a bit less rate than normal and yet make profit!

Didn’t get it? Let me explain with an example:

Suppose you find an offer on PayTM stating Rs.20 cashback on recharge of Rs.100 and are looking forward to take advantage of the same, follow the below steps:

  1. Declare on your social networks, or anywhere you can that you are going to recharge anyone’s mobile for Rs.100 at just Rs.90.
  2. Take the number of the person who approaches you, and perform the recharge of Rs.100 via PayTM for him.
  3. Take Rs.90 from that person.
  4. Now wait for some days, and you will receive Rs.20 cashback from PayTM.

And the result? PROFIT $$$!!! And profit margin? Clear-cut 50%!!

Isn’t it a great deal?

Just keep finding offers, make recharges and take commission out of it!

And as a side benefit, those coupons of various restaurants and e-commerce websites are yours! You are soon going to have them in excess, you can sell them too! =D

But the problem which persists is, how to find such offers?

Let me introduce you to Zoutons.com.

Make Money From Zoutons

Zoutons is a website which lets you save money by finding coupons and deals for various websites. We are going to use it for our advantage.

Yes, you probably got me. We are going to find PayTM Coupons from Zoutons!

Follow the steps below:

  1. Find a great deal from Zoutons! Visit the below link to open the PayTM coupons section directly:
    PayTM coupon codes
  2. Use that deal for your advantage. Perform recharges for profit!

That’s it! You have now learned how to make money using PayTM and Zoutons!


Making money online looks difficult, but actually it’s very easy, just you need a bit of logic and smart work!

This trick proves to be a great example of this fact!

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  • I would like to share here new things to help us to find our prepaid mobile recharge offer, plans and pack details. Now we no need to call customer care or ask retailer to know our offers

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