Play FREE Online Games Using These Five Best Websites

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Are you dying to play free online games? But don’t know which websites provide the best free online games? Do you really want to know the five best websites to play free online games? If Yes! So don’t waste much time because I’m going to tell the best of the best website that provide amazing Free games online.

Before we start, let me tell you. I’ve spend almost 15 days trying different flash and HTML5 based gaming websites, so that I could provide you the best of it all.

Along with that, I’ll also list the top three best free online games from these gaming websites.

So shall we start?


#5 – isn’t the best looking gaming website to play free online games but it does have great collection of games. The website claims to have over 1000 games in total.

play free online games on has numerous types of games genres. These game categories include Board games, Car games, Gun games, Kung Fu games, Math games and a massive other 110 categories. Isn’t that great?

The gaming website includes lot of great games like Sim Taxi, FMX Team, Dead Zed 2, World Basket Ball and thousand more free online games to boast about.

Though most of the games are interesting, it takes an awful lot of loading times. This really can mow down your intensity to play the game. And since I am blogger and I have lot of things to look for. Many times I forget, the game has completed loading. And its only after 10-15 minutes I realize it.

Another thing I’d like to talk about is the game’s frame rate/second. I have an AMD A8-3870K with Radeon HD 6550D graphics along with 4GB RAM, which is a top of the line hardware. But even though the game lagged a lot.

“For one second it gave 250fps while other second only 15fps.”

So I suppose, there must be something wrong with the gaming website itself. I suggest you visit and try some of the best games yourself. And let me know your thoughts in the comments section. I’ll be waiting.

Popular Games on

#4 – has a pretty good collection of free online games to play with. I found myself spending a little more time on this gaming website then I intended too.

play free online games on

This gaming website has a good and positive feel to it; with its bright and glossy color scheme. You really might want to spend more time on like me.

“Unlike, has superbly quick game loading times. Games on this gaming website load instantly. so you don’t have to wait much.”

Gaming categories include Bowling, Makeover, Arcade, Action, Bubble Shooters and 29 other categories.

I really found myself getting addicted to Uphill Rush 6 and other games listed below.

Popular Games on

#3 – Games on

Let me tell you first has the fewer games compared to other gaming websites; featured in this list. But quality of games on are worth mentioning.

play free online games on

This is reason why the website is featured on 3rd place. It has some of the best free online games to play on the Internet.

Even the game categories are very less. Very less compared to other gaming websites. It includes Action, Racing, Adventure, Fun, Girls, Arcade, Cricket and Sports. It also requires Unity Web Player to be installed on your system. If a game needs Unity Web Installer, it will ask permission to download and install.

“One cool game you shouldn’t miss is the Rexona Energizing X Race and couple of other games listed below.”

Interesting Games to play on

#2 – is a cool gaming website, which hosts some best free online games to play. This particular gaming portal is powered by kids TV channel Nickelodeon.

play free online games on

Just like other websites, it too has great number of free online games that can be played instantly. Most popular of them all are the stick games. Even I found myself getting addicting to such simple games.

“Stick games mostly have less graphics but an excellent gameplay. This can keep you on your seats for an hour or so.”

Mine favorite game on is Stickman Badminton.

Popular Games on

#1 –

This is the gaming website where all the fun happens. I’ve spend some countless hours on this single website, even more than my own website. is the father of online gaming websites and has a lot excellent free online games to play. play free online games

Miniclip is the oldest flash based online gaming website and is a strong name in the gaming world. What really stands out for are the number of games it hosts and how well managed the website is.

I’ve actually spend most time playing Miniclip’s most popular game 8 Ball Pool. To tell the truth, around 50,000 users are active on this one free online game itself. Other game I’ve spend my most time is the Motocross Nitro, which has excellent 3D graphics.

“Miniclip has around 78 genres of games to play from and you really won’t ever feel bored here.”

But there’s one warning though. Don’t get yourself addicted to as it offers an excellent games catalog.

Popular Games on

There are lot many other gaming websites to play free online games. But I found these websites to be good if not best.

There’s also two other websites I’d like to mention, those are and More game websites:

Girl games at
Candy crush soda saga game online at
Agario unblocked game at

Do check these out too.

Anyways do let me know in the comments section what you think about this list. I love to hear from your guys. Even take a second and share this article on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to let your friends know about it.

Have a great day folks!

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Author: Abhishek Tavasalkar

Abhishek is founder of AllTechTrix, CEO and founder at Auracle Infotech, Computer Engineering Student and a complete geek. Get in touch with him at Facebook | Twitter | Google+

9 thoughts on “Play FREE Online Games Using These Five Best Websites”

  1. Gaming is never my favorite past time. I prefer doing sports and watching movies. However, its good to know of the different websites where one can play online games. Since I am not a gaming aficionado I can still recommend them to friends. Thanks for sharing Abhishek!

    I have shared this comment in where this post was found and “kingged” for its value to Internet marketers.

    Sunday – contributor
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  2. Hi Abhishek,

    I am not a game fan too much, but like to have my hands on some while I feel lazy to do anything but watch youtube videos.

    Flash games are easy and anyone can have their hands on them and be happy. I used to play some games back in old days on site called where I was also rewarded for doing so.

    Hope, you can review that site too. If you were to play all day then getting rewarded back will be a nice thing.

    Anyway, I found this on Kingged.
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  3. At first i will applaud your effort to add this interesting and call to read post title “This is how I waste my Precious time on the Internet”. All these FREE Online Game websites mentioned in this article are just mind-blowing and completely new for me.

    Although, I don’t spend my time in playing online games but yes….I play sometimes to freshion-up my mind while working late night. Most important thing in this article i have noticed that you provided the links of three most popular Games on particular website.

    Thanks for this useful article. I have bookmarked them. I got this post on and become forced to read complete post.
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  4. Honestly, I ain’t a game enthusiast, but I play games sometimes, especially if I’m bored and nothing to do in one whole day!

    I have to say that cars and puzzles are two types of games I am particular with. Both of them are entertaining and good for the brain. Whenever I play puzzles, I always feel like my I.Q. is getting better. LOL! It’s obviously good for the brain and help you become smarter, right?

    Nice share!

    Saw this on and left the same comment as well.


  5. Miniclip is my no 1 in online games. I played on this web 7-8 years ago.
    I have very fond memories of this times when I with my friends played on minilip in school lessons 🙂
    GaryX recently posted…World of Tanks WikiMy Profile

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