Samsung Galaxy S7 Update: What is new in the world of smartphones

samsung galaxy s7

Much anticipation has come up for the next Samsung Galaxy S7 update in terms of the newest smartphones from the electronics giant.  With the success of the previous models such as Samsung Galaxy s3 up to the s6, the company is poised again to take over the hot cell phone market with their next release – the Galaxy S7 .

Last year, Samsung stunned the world with its release of the Galaxy S6 and Edge model phones.  The design and build of these models rivaled those of the company’s main competitor Apple and HTC.  The iPhone has been the most dominant and revolutionary smartphone to hit the market.  But Samsung has battled back with their line of Galaxy phones which have taken the world by storm for those preferring the Android operating system.  No other Android based phone has come close to the success of these Samsung models.  The S6 boasted impressive hardware features while the Edge model brought a whole new type of phone to the market with the screen wrapping around one edge of the phone.  Besides the powerful chipset and components, the junky plastic build was replaced with more robust metal parts and glass.  No longer was Samsung putting up sub-quality materials in their phones.   The phones were not perfect by any means having issues with waterproofing, battery drainage and most of all the extraordinary high prices.

Coming soon to your local wireless carrier is the Samsung is the new Galaxy S7 model.  While Android users will be clamoring for the latest phone, they may be disappointed to learn that the newest Samsung phone closely resembles the previous S6 model in design and features.  While not all is lost, the new S7 does bring a few new improvements to the table that many feel should have been part of the last model.

Improvements in the S7 include a better feel while handling phone, flatter scanner for fingerprints and has fixed one of the biggest complaints – the camera bump.  The screen retains the same 5.1 inch Quad-HD AMOLED size as the S6.  Those looking for a bigger jump in features might want to look at the other model for this year – the Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE.

Standard with 32GB of storage, the S7 models offer support for a microSD card if users are looking for expanded memory capability.  The S7 improves waterproofing capabilities with its IP68 rating for dust and water allowing it to be submersed in 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes.  The unit has sealed ports to help with this improved resistance to water.

Users will enjoy the upgraded processor inside the S7 which is now the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor.  The former S6 model boasted Samsungs own Exynos chips.  RAM has imporved to 4GB in the S7 models.

One downside to the new design is the loss of the removable battery feature found in the S6. But users should note the increase of 500mAh from the s6 model (2500 to 300 mAh).  The EDGE gets a 1000mAh jump from 2600 to 3600 for this beautiful smartphone.




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