Microsoft’s new CEO is Indian born Satya Nadella


Yesterday it was final that Satya Nadella is the new CEO of Microsoft. For many week there were news around the Internet that Satya Nadella might be the next CEO of Microsoft and yesterday it was final that he is the next CEO for the Redmond based Computer Company. Microsoft press release stated that Satya Nadella is the new Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Corp and a member of Board of Directors. Nadella previously was Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise group Executive Vice President.

The company’s co-founder Bill Gates officially Welcomed Satya Nadella as the new Chief Executive Officer of the software giant. Bill gates expressed his view in a YouTube video as he expressed his excitement over new leadership for Microsoft Corp. Bill Gates said, “I am very excited about the choice of Satya Nadella to be the CEO of Microsoft. Microsoft has a long history of innovation, going back to the beginning where the vision of the personal computer was something that Microsoft helped bring to life.”

Satya Nadella was born in Hyderabad in 1967 and completed his Degree as Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication from Manipal University and then later moved on to US to complete his Degree in Master of Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and from Chicago Booth School of Business completed his MBA degree. In 1992 Satya Nadella started working in Microsoft as a Program Manager in the Windows Developer Relations group before that he worked in Sun Microsystems. Nadella then went on to become Senior VP of Research and Development and further handled Microsoft Business solution group as being its Vice President.

Satya Nadella ran the Microsoft’s Server and Tools Business which was worth $19 Billion. He was even the part of Microsoft Bing group and contributed a lot as a team member in Bing Research Group. Nadella worked on Microsoft’s Cloud OS which led to development of products like Skype, Skydrive, Xbox Live, Office 365, Bing and also some business products like SQL Server, Visual Studio, System Center, Windows Azure and Windows Server.

As soon as Satya Nadella was appointed the CEO of Microsoft Corp he has released a set of to-do list to help further strengthen the company. Along with Satya Nadella, Bill Gates will also be increasing his involvement in the company he founded by being the chairman. Since this year Nokia will be fully integrating into Microsoft we’ll see how Satya Nadella handles the whole scenario and handles the company as a new appointed CEO.

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