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No doubt Whatsapp is the most popular instant text messaging app compared to any app in Google Play Store. Without being complicated Whatsapp is the most easiest text messaging app as compared to other popular text messaging apps. In Whatsapp there are various settings to download Whatsapp images on your Android Device like either set it to automatic to download an image as soon as it is received or if you use 2G networks like GPRS or EDGE you can set image to download manually after the user takes action.

But there’s one thing that might question all of you is why can’t Whatsapp let you download and save profile picture of other contacts on the app in mobile gallery. Don’t worry after you read this post you’ll know how can you download, save and view profile picture of other Whatsapp contacts in your phone gallery itself by just following some simple steps shown below.

Step 1 – Open a Whatsapp contact profile picture

  • Step one is fairly simple you just need to go to the contact whose profile picture you want to download. Tap on his name
  • Tap on the profile picture thumbnail
  • After the profile picture is opened it is automatically downloaded in your memory card

Step 2: Download or open any file explorer app

As I said in the above point as soon as you open profile picture of a whatsapp contact it is automatically downloaded and saved in your memory card just like any other photo you download from the app. Now all you have to do is find where the photo is saved in your memory card.

    • Open a file explorer application. In my example I’m using ES File Explorer but you can use even the default file explorer in your phone
    • By default in ES File Explorer sdcard folder will be open. If it isn’t then you can tap on top part as shown in the image below and select sdcard folder
Note: In most Androids your default memory card will have sdcard1 notation. Since I have rooted my Android phone and swapped the internal sdcard location with external sdcard it shows sdcard0 as internal memory
  • Now inside sdcard folder navigate to the whatsapp folder and open it
  • Inside the Whatsapp folder you’ll see another folder named as profile pictures. Click on it to view the profile picture you opened right now

Step 3 – View profile pictures in Gallery

Now since you know where your downloaded profile pictures are saved you definitely don’t want to every time go in Whatsapp folder to view each and every photo. It is much easier if they all appear in gallery itself.

    • Select all photos and copy them
    • Now inside sdcard open Pictures folder if present otherwise create one.
    • Create a new folder inside it
    • Paste all these photos inside the new folder
    • Now open Gallery; refresh it and you’ll see all photos inside your phone Gallery


IMPORTANT: Do not copy the Profile Picture folder inside Whatsapp folder; otherwise your pictures won’t show up in the gallery. Always select all photos inside Profile Picture folder and copy them

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