There is a new watch in town, and it is smart: meet NO.1 S5

SmartWatches are considered to be a luxury gadget and are sought after by ever tech-freak. Also a productivity enhancer, companies like Apple, Samsung, Moto, LG, etc. all has given the market some of their offerings of SmartWatches.

So let’s take a look at the new SmartWatch NO.1 S5, which has recently hit the market.

The NO.1 S5 SmartWatch:

Display and Design

The watch boasts a 1.2 inch IPS display with a resolution of 240*240. It has a 3D touchscreen design to it.

The dial is round in shape which brings the classic look for watches. The entire watch is made of stainless steel, and the band uses leather.

For navigation and control, there are press buttons and touch buttons.

The overall device will weigh of mere 50gms on your wrist.

Performance with battery life

The watch runs on Android operating system. It is powered by an MTK6261 chipset with a RAM of 128 MB. The internal memory provided is 64 MB.

The battery is 350mAh Li-polymer battery and is estimated to last for 3-5 days on standby. This charging time is 3 hours.

Main features

Here is a list of all the feature of the NO. 1 S5:

Heart Rate Monitor and Pedometer

The watch will give you real time monitoring of your heart along with ECG. It also acts as a pedometer and will count every step you have taken that day.

Real Time Notification

Are you uncomfortable with putting a hand inside your pocket to grab a phone then bring it out, adjusting its orientation, unlocking it and then seeing what is happening?

Well your NO.1 S5 makes this possible with just a flick of your wrist. It will display all your notifications as they come in.

Support for Android and 3D touch with G-sensor

The watch will allow you to synchronize all your smartphone information and allow you to make and receive calls.

Plus you can make the watch appear unique and personal by changing the dial screen interface to your liking.

Some unique features:

The phone will act as a sedentary reminder as well as a sleep monitor. As the device comes with a thermometer and a UV-monitor, you will also get constant info about the weather at your place.

Again you can play your mp3s while you dance freely in the rain taking advantage of the life water resistance of the watch.

The SmartWatch is up for grabs for $39.99 at Gearbest so check it out: NO.1 S5.


If you are interested in having a premium SmartWatch and have a fancy for round dials, then this would be a steal for the price.

Again, Gearbest is a great platform to buy products as they provide worldwide delivery. You can just hope onto their website and take a look at all the other SmartWatch offerings to get a more clear idea. Here is the entire catalog of the SmartWatches available at Gearbest.

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