Ultimate Valentine Gift Ideas for Women


Tomorrow’s Valentine Day where sales of most gift shop goes high for typical valentine gifts. It is one of those day in this month where you don’t give a second thought to buying an expensive gift for your Valentine. The most common gifts for girl of them all is flowers, bouquet, chocolates, clothing and many other stuffs so these stuff’s are out of our mind. But if your girl is a technology freak then here are these best valentine gift ideas for them which are going to be unique without a regular drag. Here’s what I think should be ultimate valentine gift ideas for women from their LOVE.

5. External Battery Cases

In this world of Ultra Powerful, Super Speed and Cutting edge technology smartphones the one thing that doesn’t stands up to them is its battery. Almost all of us would find ourself with a dead phone with no juice in the crucial and busiest time of the day. And for women it is utmost important for their phone to be never dead. Well instead of going for smartphones with larger batteries as valentine gift (which can be good idea) gift her a case which has a battery in it itself so no need to carry a charger in her bag all the time during the day. You can find a lot of these on popular online stores like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon. Well external battery cases as a valentine gift might seem a little high but you can find cheaper in price branded and generic (non-branded) cases on Ebay to save some bucks for chocolates, food and some booze. But if you didn’t find the case for a particular mobile she uses (which I bet you would) then you can go ahead and buy these portable battery power banks.

4. Portable Speakers

Portable Speaker are the talk of the town these days with many big companies launching them. The one featured in the image is from Sony which costs about ₹3300 on Flipkart. Don’t go by the image you’ll be surprised how small these speakers are. The one from Sony weighs only 130g which is similar to the weight of your girls smartphone. The height, length and breadth of this speaker is little less than 7cm from which you can image its seriously portable to buy as a valentine gift but has sound much louder and better than those smartphone speakers. You can find of lot of these on Flipkart and Snapdeal. Here’s a comparison image of Sony portable bluetooth speaker along with an iPhone

3. Fancy/Heart Shaped Pen-drives

Nowadays in this world of Information age having pen-drives is a must for everyone. And what better it can be if your girl could be able to flaunt it. This pen-drive from Moserbaer is the best I could think of. It even comes with a chain so your valentine could use it as a chain and hang it around her neck and flaunt it without even someone suspecting it be a pen-drive. You can find a lot of these on Ebay. Well if you think a heart shaped pen-drive would be typical or not what your girl likes then you can find other fancy pen-drives here and here.

2. Digital Cameras

Well this might not be an option if you are planning a Valentine gift for your girl. But the uses of an digital cameras grows when you buy them. This one from Nikon is one of them which looks cool and girly kind where most of the cameras aren’t ideal for women. It’s extremely pocketable and what you get for at a price of ₹6,000. It has a 16 megapixel CCD Image Sensor. Weighing at only 125g it very lightweight. Ideal for taking pictures with you on your trip to outskirts of the city, recording night-out videos with her girlfriends or even taking pictures of notes which is an ideal scene in Engineering colleges. If you ask me this valentine gift is definitely worth a buy.

1. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner from Milagrow

If you are planning a valentine gift for your wife then nothing can be much better than this robotic floor cleaner from Milagrow. I know this isn’t the kind of gift you were expecting on the first place but it is. Well basically it is a smart floor cleaner wit lot of sensors. Here are notable features of Milagrow RedHawk Robotic Floor Cleaner Robot which the official website dubs as Saina Nehwal Robot.

  • Robotic Scheduling
  • Robotic Charging
  • Robotic UV Cleaning
  • Robotic Obstacle Detection
  • Robotic Fall Detection
  • 6 AI Cleaning Modes
  • Pet Hair Cleaning

You can find a complete list of its features on the Company’s official online store. Here’s a demo of the robotic cleaner to give you an idea how your valentine gift robotic works

Hope I gave you a unique and never-before thought valentine gift ideas for your girl. Do share this guide with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and let us know your views in the comments section. Happy Valentine friends.

Author: Abhishek Tavasalkar

Abhishek is founder of AllTechTrix, CEO and founder at Auracle Infotech, Computer Engineering Student and a complete geek. Get in touch with him at Facebook | Twitter | Google+

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