New Whatsapp update now lets you hide ‘Last Seen At’

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From the past two days the Internet has been making a lot of noise over the buyout of Whatsapp by Facebook. Everyone on the Internet did think about what might happen after Facebook’s Whatsapp buyout. And things have to started to change from the very first day.

A privacy feature we all had been craving for since the inception of Whatsapp i.e. How to hide Whatsapp’s ‘last seen at’ has now been released in a new Whatsapp update. Never before in the app we had seen a Privacy option but now they’ve included it.

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Why I don’t seen Privacy tab in my Whatsapp?

If you’ve read the above description and checked your upto date app and didn’t found the ‘Privacy’ tab then let me first tell you, right now the updated app is available on Google Play Store. The Whatsapp update availale on Play Store is 2.11.150 whereas the new Whatsapp update has version number 2.11.160.

Where can I find this Whatsapp update?

Since this update is not available on Play Store the only way you can get this Whatsapp update is visiting the developers site.

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You can now visit the developer’s site to download the new Whatsapp Update. The new update has size of 13.65MB and can a while to download if using 2G Networks.

‘Privacy’ Tab showcase

  • Hit on ‘Options’ inside Whatsapp and select ‘Settings’
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  • Inside ‘Settings’ tap on ‘Account’ tab
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  • Now inside ‘Account’ tab you will see ‘Privacy’ tab that is where the ‘Last Seen At’ option sits
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  • Now inside ‘Privacy’ tab you’ll see options to hide your ‘Last Seen At’, ‘Profile Picture’ and even ‘Status’
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If you change ‘Last Seen’ as Everybody then you also won’t be able to see ‘Last Seen At’ of other contacts too. But incase of ‘Profile Picture’ and ‘Status’ you can see others too.

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Another new feature that can be seen in the new Whatsapp update is you can see the time a status has been updated. So for example if one of your contacts updates his status 5 minutes ago you’ll see ‘Status (5 Minutes Ago)’ just like shown in the picture below

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We’ll update this space as soon as this new Whatsapp update is uploaded to Google Play Store.

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  1. I love this feature to hide my last seen at time. It just helps me concentrate on my work. I can read the messages I receive and reply to them whenever I feel like. It’s an awesome feeling!
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