Where to Buy Cheap Phones – A Guide

where to buy cheap cell phones

People who are looking where to buy cheap phones can use many of the resources available right on their computer or local area to find such good deals.  Everyone wants a nice smartphone these days or even just a great working device.  With all the fantastic deals at carriers like T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and Cricket Wireless, thousands of units become available as people have no use for them.  It seems every day new models are debuted from the major manufacturers.

So where to buy cheap phones?  The most obvious is to ask friends or family.  Most people these days have a cell phone and have upgraded probably every two years due to the incentive plans found at their carrier.  So what do they do with their old smartphone? Most times, they throw it in a drawer as they are excited to use and try the new model they just got such as a Samsung galaxy S7 or maybe the new iPhone 7.   But the old phone is still good!  Asking your friends or family if they have an older cell phone could be your key to gold as they probably would not want too much money for it if any at all.  Just ensure that everything works especially the battery.  Take the phone and make sure it gets to a full charge and that all the buttons work well before making any sort of deal.

Next, check out online classified websites such as Craigslist or LetitGo.  These have hundreds of classified ads for cell phones that people are trying to get rid of or even get a few dollars for to offset the cost of the new phone.  Everyone wants to have the latest and greatest phone to show off to people.  With the amazing advances in cell phone technology and slight differences in models, you can get a fantastic phone that maybe is not the newest model for a fraction of the price.  When these phones first come out, they have a cost of somewhere around $700 to as high as $1000.  The carrier used to subsidize the cost of the phones which were enormous for the customer when they were upgrading.  lately, they have not been doing this and spreading out the cost to users over a two year period which makes it easier for the customer to afford.  With that, many carriers have also been giving discounts to help offset the phone cost.  But do you really want to spend $800 over two years on a shiny new phone plus the cost of your cell service?  Why not look around where to buy cheap mobile phones online to save hundreds of dollars.

Another source for these cheap mobiles online is ebay.  Millions of people use ebay every single day to buy and sell items that are bound for storage or garbage can at some point.  There are tens of thousands of cell phones listed each day whether you are in USA or India or in-between.  Many will bargain with you for the cost as they have no other choice since they have already upgraded to the newest device.  It is like free money for these people so many times,using the make offer button on ebay is one of the best ways to get a cheap phone.

While the temptation is to believe the advertising of the carriers that they will ‘give’ you a cell phone cheap or free, do not fall for this. Most people are keen enough to understand that nothing is free and the carrier is not going to fully absorb the cost of the cell phone that carries a cost of $800.  They always will pass on the cost in one way or another to the customer and with rapidly changing models these days, the best idea is to search around to find where to buy cheap phones so that you can keep some of that money in your pockets.  Dont forget, you should always put a case on the phone and protective clear cover to ensure this valuable piece of technology is cared for.  Nothing worse than getting your phone and dropping it or having some liquid spill on it to completely make it useless for operation.  These are not luxury items and should always be purchased at the time of the cell phone.  Happy Hunting!


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