ZOPO Speed 7, A Stunning Phablet At A Great Price

ZOPO Speed 7

ZOPO is not new to the smartphone arena. With an existence period of 3 years (founded in 2012), ZOPO mobile has come a long way. They are also the first company to release the first smartphone with Glasses-Free 3D dual-SIM.

With a rapid growth, spanning from Italy, Jordan, Spain and much more, they are bringing good quality smartphones in the market.

Today, I will review the ZOPO Speed 7 4G Phablet (a mix of tablet and smartphone).

ZOPO Speed 7 4G Phablet Review

Build Quality and Design

The build quality of the smartphone is superb. I am also reviewing the black version of the phablet, but the phablet also comes in a white variant.

The bezels are strong and rounded and offer a great feel to the user.

ZOPO Speed 7 4G Phablet Review
ZOPO Speed 7 4G Phablet


With a 5-inch display screen and FHD screen, you can enjoy every bit of media on the phablet. The screen is decent and offers enough screen size for a great view. The view angles are also good and work great under sunlight.

The size of the display ensures that you can handle the phablet with a single hand and that’s convenient for many users. The debate of single and multiple hand usage is not solvable as it depends on the user preferences.

Moreover, the display is FHD, which means the screen runs at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 with more pixels per density. With high pixel clarity, you can really enjoy all your media and also general phablet usage.

Hardware — What’s Running Under the Hood?

Current generation phablets are getting high on the specification and ZOPO Speed 7 is no different in this aspect. With a 1.5 GHz Octa core MediaTek MTK6753 64-bit processor, you will be able to enjoy fluid app performance.

To make the processor work at optimal settings, the phablet comes with 3 GB of RAM. The combination works great to provide outstanding performance to the users.

ZOPO Speed 7 4G Phablet
ZOPO Speed 7 4G Phablet

If you are media lover, you will also love the 16 GB internal storage space provided within the phablet.  Not happy with the current internal memory? Just plug in the 64 GB external card and you will be happy as before! The external memory support is really great considering the price at which the phablet is available right now($199.99).

In terms of camera, you will get a 13.2 MP rear camera, capable of taking high-quality pictures and videos. The back camera uses a F/2.2 aperture great for taking the high-quality images with no noise!

The phablet offers 2 4G LTE SIM cards for better connectivity. It also offers other connectivity options such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and others.

Battery life is decent as it offers 2500mAh battery. The battery if more than enough for the 5-inch screen. If you are not a heavy user, the battery will be enough for you.

Camera — A Surprise Addition

The camera also offers 5 MP lens for selfie lovers. The selfie trend is on high and the phablet is a sure pick for those who love to take selfies. And, you know they have included the Face Beauty 4.0 feature that can enable you to take extremely crafted, a highly beautified selfie with an autocorrect, face thinning and more.


The smartphone comes with Android 5.1 loaded. Android Lollipop is the latest version in the Android family and you will get hold of a high-performance operating system. The lollipop OS is also multitask supported and offers different kinds of OS features such as file handling, great user interface and material design.

Overall, a great package.

Wrap Up

The phablet is not out yet and is destined to release at 25 August. With a over-kill hardware specification, great camera feature and Android Lollipop, I must say that the smartphone is a must-have for anyone who is looking for an upgrade.

Rating: 4.6/5

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