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A treat for the game lovers:

It is no doubt that what age people are their interest grows in various games that are coming up nowadays. Human beings love the concept of games and sports without any doubt. This is probably the exact reason why people look for different kind of games that can be made easily available with the help of technology as well.

The .io games are definitely one of those games that people are easily accustomed with. One of the most popular games that are available is definitely the game.


But nowadays the game lovers can have just one more reason to enjoy and celebrate. Another of the .io games has recently come out and is known as the This particular game definitely has won over many hearts give in just a few days of time from its evolving. – The features of this game:

The features of this game are not like the usual .io games. Though they are of very similar nature yet this particular game is way different. The by no way can be considered as a clone of any other .io games.

This is one of the best possible features of this game. This particular game is played with challenges and challengers. A person has to actually take their competitors out in order to get through with the best possible chances of winning.

In this particular game, the Limaxio is not seen to grow in length, but definitely, it is seen gaining on weight and width definitely.

People really have to be quick if they want their Limaxio to live. It is extremely essential for them to be faster. The growth of size and weight simply doesn’t ensure the safety of the Limaxio.

People can start by providing a nickname to their limaxio and then when they start with the game they have to make the limax follow the cursor. They have to eat the orbs and collect points and when they collect about 30 points then they can leave behind the slime for their opponents to hit and die.

Why play the game?

Playing this game has many advantages. The very first reason of playing this game is that it is easily available both for Android as well as iOS users. This ensures that there is no difficulty for anyone to get an access to this game.

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Also, though this particular game is in a very initial stage of development, yet it already can flaunt of three graphical options that are available to it. There are three streams available and also multiple skin options that people can get to it. Also it has a lot of regional options available and people can easily choose the game mode.

Choosing this particular game will definitely ensure high quality entertainment for every mobile game lover.

A Complete Review On My Alarm Clock Free On Google Play Store

A wonderfully serviceable noisy alarms and timer includes your phone, and so you may not want to download a different one. Which can be true, but when you’re searching for additional features, more personalization options, and much more effective sensors than your clock include, my alarm clock is here now- so people think it’s the very best.


My Alarm Clock Free



  • Set as numerous alarms as you would like, anytime, both in 12 and round-the-clock formats
  • Set a pre-alarm, snooze, and alarm, profiles where one can personalize the alarm seem, sound, fade in volume, a period of alarm, even shows brightness. Includes three profiles automatically: workday, Sunday, and nap.
  • Could be changed to experience playlists, music, or perhaps radio stream being set as an alarm, so that you can awaken for your favorite playlist, and can also be changed to simply play tunes by genres or artists
  • Could be customized to seem a security that gradually increases in sound or vibration strength before you write it off or after snoozes
  • Can schedule sensors, each with various tunes or playlists, to play an arbitrary playlist or song
  • Could be changed for you to resolve challenging questions or math issues previous to the alarm could be ignored or snoozed
  • Allows you to switch your phone to, shake or snooze the telephone to stop the alarm
  • Could be changed to produce a particular application once the alarm beeps
  • Can show a countdown time onscreen before the alarm makes sound, and it makes the application helpful for any timer plus noisy alarms
  • Includes a built-in dock mode along with an evening mode, in which the alarm configurations are shown on screen or even the moment is shown on a light display, which makes it helpful like a table clock or bedroom clock, correspondingly
  • Facilitates speech input for sensors, the same manner the default watch and also the alarm does
  • Enables you to dismiss automatically or snooze automatically
  • Enables you to personalize the color of the alarm
  • Includes a downloadable desktop widget, and has downloadable alarm sounds for someone who doesn’t like the default tone
  • Includes a built flashlight
  • Has complete support for the third apps like Sleepbot and Tasker, so that you can also increase the personalization features or make use of the application to assist handle your sleep

How it does a great job?

Age a large number of noisy alarms apps throughout Google Play has ended, but you may still find a couple of that provide personalization options and versatility you will not enter the default alarm on your phone. My Alarm Clock free happens to be popular; however, the purpose it will get the nod from people may be the myriad methods for you to personalize how you awaken.

Here’s a good example: With my Alarm clock, you can say the screen to illuminate to twenty Percent, so you aren’t distracted whenever you get the telephone to stop the alarm. You may also say my alarm clock to experience your preferred net radio stream at 6 am, only at half-sound.


Also to gradually fade in after that before you switch the telephone to snooze it for twenty minutes, where it’ll boost the amount to full and complete in from 20% sound to full sound should you not power it down.

Barbie Games, Game for Barbie lovers

Are you one of those who love Barbie girls? Especially, the girls who are diehard fans of Barbie, every week new Barbie games are released. Now you don’t have to collect the expensive Barbie merchandise if you are in lack of money. You can do everything with those Barbie characters like you do with the dolls. All you need to do is just search the internet and “poof” you can play you favorite Barbie game.

Type of Barbie games

Barbie games
Barbie games

As you know, almost every week new Barbie games are released. You can find those games by simply searching the internet or by going to There are different types of Barbie games like, Makeover games, Stunt games, Dress up games etc. You can choose any of them and enjoy the game.

Intro to some Barbie games

Barbie Makeover games: Barbie is about to go to a party, so let give her a makeover. Make sure she looks beautiful by using the makeups.

Barbie Stunt games: As we know Barbie don’t go much for riding and performing stunts, you can help her by performing series of stunts and you will be a winner.

Barbie Dress up games: Now who want to make Barbie look gorgeous? You can try different types of dresses and make her amazing. Be wise and use compatible dresses.

Just make sure!

To play all those Barbie games all you need is a web browser and a strong internet connection. We prefer you to use Google chrome because it is perfectly compatible and make sure you have a strong internet so that you don’t have to wait much long while loading. Even after if you face any problems while playing those games, you can contact us and we will be there for your help.

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How to Use a Facebook Spy App to Monitor Chats and Shared Multimedia

An increasing number of app users are constantly searching for an ideal Facebook spy app to keep their loved ones safe. According to, Facebook has 1.65 billion monthly users per month, based on a survey in the first quarter of 2016. Out of these 1.51 billion are mobile users who access Facebook with their cell phone on an almost daily basis.


Statistically, out of the 1.65 billion users, 8% are children between the ages of thirteen and nineteen. The highest users are between the ages of twenty to twenty-nine and account for 28% of the total monthly users. 21% comprises of people between the ages of thirty and thirty-nine, 16% are between the ages of forty and forty-nine, 13% are people between the ages of fifty and fifty-nine, and the remaining percentage are people above sixty. You can see the graphic illustration of these facts.

Threats Associated with Social Media


These statistical details support the fact that social media has become the greatest platform where hackers and sexual predators easily find targets. Children are mostly an easy target, and the problem starts when they are too willing and curious to talk to strangers. Children readily give away sensitive information to strangers through the Facebook messenger, which compromises their security.

Likewise, adults who want to date strangers use social media and internet messengers too readily. They meet at an agreed spot and in the hope of finding a lasting relationship attract a stalker or harmful predator. Sexting is not the only risk that adults are taking nowadays, but even children as young as eleven have started engaging in this without realizing the damage it can cause.

Using a Facebook Spy App Helps Avert Dangers


With the help of XnSpy, a tracking app that you can install on the target person’s cellphone, you can make sure that your loved ones are safe and not engaging in the harmful activity. By making sure that, they don’t share sensitive information such as their current location, home address, social security number, and other personal details. Most importantly, you can make sure that they don’t share revealing photos and videos that can have lasting detrimental consequences on them.

Using the Web-based App is Easy


Although users have to install the Facebook spy app on Android and jailbroken iOS devices manually, which is a one-time thing, the app operates through a web-based control panel. At the same time, monitoring a not jailbroken device is also possible with Xnspy because it operates via iCloud. Upon subscribing to the app, users can simply log into the control panel and monitor the installed Facebook messenger on the target device. It shows all call logs, photos, videos, and chats via the messenger app. In extreme cases, users can remotely lock the installed messenger app to prevent the target person’s using it.

As a final word, using a monitoring app is the first step in the right direction to keep loved one safe from predators waiting for a chance online.

The game which everyone’s been playing, Pokémon Go

The game “Pokémon Go” is the first game which is location based. This game was developed by Niantic for different platforms like android and IOS. This game was distributed by The Pokémon Company. It’s the first augmented reality game of the Pokémon franchise. This game was released on July year-2016.

Introduction to Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go
Pokémon Go

Well, it’s a Pokémon game where you’re able to battle capture and train the virtual Pokémon’s that appears through the real world. The game uses the camera and GPS of the device which you use to play “Pokémon Go”. Though, you play the game for free, you can do some shopping of the gameplay items shown for your ease.

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Playing Pokémon Go?

Are you playing Pokémon Go for the first time? Then don’t worry, this whole article is about Pokémon Go. When you open the game for the first time, you will be given the chance to create your own avatar. After you create the avatar, it is unconcealed at your current location with a map of your surroundings.

On the map there are some Pokémon gyms and poke stops. Once you start moving in the real world the avatar also moves in the virtual world. You will be able to catch different Pokémon’s freely once you start looking for them in different places of you surrounding. For example, you can catch ground Pokémon by moving near the rocky areas or something like that. Once you meet a Pokémon, you can view it in augmented reality (AR) mode and you can catch the Pokémon or try a battle. You will be given a Pokédex which you have to complete as you go in search for different types of Pokémon’s.

What’s a Pokédex? Well it is a special type of Pokémon Wikipedia which holds the record of the Pokémon which you encounter or catch. Catching a Pokémon is not a hard task in this game. You just throw a poke ball at a Pokémon and “poof” the Pokémon is all yours. Although it sounds easy, the Pokémon can still block it. The chance of success depends upon the timing and the poke ball you use. Once you catch a Pokémon you get some items as prizes. There are two types of prizes, they are in game currencies. These items are used to evolve or raise the power of your Pokémon. Once you get enough experience and from some achievements, your level will rise.

After you reach level five you can challenge Pokémon gyms and you can also join one of the three teams. You can send some of your Pokémon’s to the professor’s and make room for new ones. You even earn a candy which can be used to evolve a Pokémon or it can be used to level up a Pokémon.

Pokémon Go plus, an Added feature

Pokémon go plus is a simple hand band type device, which links via Bluetooth and which lets you know when a Pokémon or poke stop is nearby by vibrating. You don’t even have to look at your smartphone. This device was made for the ease and safety of the player. You can even catch a Pokémon which you have caught previously simply by pressing the button.