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About AllTechTrix.com

Welcome to AllTechTrix.com – A simple blog that hosts articles about tips, tricks and hacks related to Computer, Facebook, share ways to Make Money Online, Technology News and Buying Guides.

AllTechTrix.com isn’t like one of those technology blogs from the Internet it has been started with a purpose of going deep into a subject and letting readers know everything about. The article writing style here is mostly in FAQ manner where questions that might occur to newbies are answered within the post. The things I had in mind before starting this blog were:

  • The name of the website and the website should have an universal appeal
  • The design of the website should be professional even if it required buying premium themes
  • The article on the website must be understood even by a 12year old
  • Target audience for the website will be from the age group of 12-30 years and anyone who is a computer freak
  • Website should have a friendly appeal and reader should feel comfortable and valued for questioning and asking queries in the comment section
  • Content, readers and readability should have utmost priority and then advertisements

The main motto of AllTechTrix.com is help people try something new on Internet and with their computer devices and never make them feel insecure about it. Let users know that every tricks and hacks posted on the website has been tried and tested by its authors and only then appears on AllTechTrix.

About Me: Abhishek Tavasalkar


Hello Readers thanks for your important time to visit this page and get to know about AllTechTrix.com and me too. I’m not going to take lot of your time just will introduce myself casually. I am Abhishek Tavasalkar, founder and main writer at this blog. I am even a computer technician and run my computer business Auracle Infotech. I am a total computer geek and has love for Internet, newer Technology and has a good taste of design.

To be true my father bought me a computer even before I knew what a computer was or even before I could spell computer; most of the years I had spent playing RoadRash and many popular games of that era. Even though my academic marks weren’t something to talk my computer knowledge was at peak compared to my fellow classmates. Mostly things changed after the arrival of Internet on my home computer which opened up a new possibilities for me to learn more and more about what I was curious about and even before I was in 10th standard I knew how to repair computers.

My love for blogging is more than anything I can express about. I had started couple of blogs previously but couldn’t keep up with them but now I’ve taken this up professionally and more important seriously. I have started AllTechTrix.com with an aim to spread and let people know all of the knowledge I gained and acquired in all of these years, so whatever I know I try and post in AllTechTrix.com in a professional manner. I even learned Photoshop and HTML/CSS designing in my first year of Engineering

I am currently pursuing Computer Engineering through Mumbai University. I completed my pre-primary, primary and secondary education from St. Joseph’s High School Vikhroli and completed my junior college from Vikas Jr. College. There are most of the people who swear by academics but I’m not one of them I’d like to create my own opportunities with whatever I know. Even in my engineering college I’m never worried about job because I have a dream of starting my own company after I pass out.

I am a frank person and has happy-go-lucky attitude, total rebel, adventurous, loves traveling even if it be traveling alone. I love people who are free like and don’t take lot of tensions in life, who make decisions just in time and love taking risks. If you are such kind of person then feel free to join me on Facebook. Or

There’s more to say but I think this much is enough. Have a good day everyone and keep visiting AllTechTrix.com everyday for all the happenings in the tech world.

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