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You definitely own lot of videos and a huge variety of video formats, Movavi Video Suite helps you to edit videos and convert them. You can even edit Photos, Audios, Data and even record your screen and do podcasts

We all like to watch Videos, isn’t it?

Whether its films, TV-series or other shows, we all watch it! right?

It’s definitely turned into one of the best entertainment exercises for every one of us.

I myself watch Movies, Documentaries, TV Shows and lot of other videos.

With exceptional enhancement in video quality and reduced costs of Blue Ray Disks and DVDs, we all have our personal collection.

Numerous tech-savvy individuals have diverse sets of devices which they use to watch videos.

Most of them own a Cell Phone, a Tablet, a Portable Computer and a Desktop with massive screen size, don’t you too?

Thus if we have one video and need to store them in all these devices, we definitely need a powerful multimedia converter than can do this work quickly and effectively.

Searching around, I found a cool tool that not only helps to convert videos but also saves vast amount of time.

It is Movavi Video Suite.

What it is? And how it can benefit you? Let’s find out!

Key Features of Movavi Video Suite

Movavi Video Suite not only helps us diminishing size of our videos but also helps in cutting and dividing them. This allows us to keep the part we want.

Suppose you recorded a show and want to remove TV ads in-between. Movavi Video Suite is your best bet; this allows you to save just what’s important and also reduce file size of your video.


For instance you can keep just the favourite scene from your beloved movie; so you can watch the scene again and again, without carrying the whole movie around and fast-forwarding to the main part.

There are four separate sections in Movavi Video Suite; they are Video, Audio, Data and Photo.

Movavi Video Suite Review - User Interface

Video area permits to edit, convert and split videos. If you do podcasting, you’ll love this feature of capturing videos as well.

There is likewise an option for playing 3-D films which is definitely interesting.

In Audio Section you can change over and make Audio files, copy Audio CDs and MP3 CDs.

Data segment permits you to copy files from disks.


Photo area helps you in composing slide shows using your own pictures.

You’ll Love the UI of Movavi Video Suite

The video editing screen is very basic and easy to utilize.

First choose the source video, once done; Movavi video suite will let you know all the essential elements of that video like running time, file size, Bit Rate, Resolution and other significant data.

Movavi Video Suite Review - Video Editing

The best part is…

Once you choose type of output, immediately you’d get all the information in same screen.

Isn’t that cool! So you don’t have to wait till the conversion finishes and check the file size of your video.

To convert the video, many helpful preset options are accessible in drop down menu like MP4, AVI, FLV, and MPEG.

Anytime you need to modify every choice according to your needs, click on Settings and a popup will allow you to edit every minute details of your video.

Movavi Video Suite is easy-to-use even for a 7 Year Old kid. It is very effective in editing videos and converting them as well.

Movavi Video Suite Review - Video Editing

You do get all options at one place.

Just go to and you’ll get all the basic details.

I hope this post helped you a lot.

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Have a great day!

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