The Portable Document Format is currently the most popular file format on the Internet, accounting for over 1 billion search results on Google. Since its birth in 1993, the PDF has been a staple in everyone’s work and has become even bigger since the birth of the concept of paperless office.   There are several… (0 comment)

Just like any type of electronic device, your tablet needs regular maintenance and some extra care to ensure that it is functioning optimally. A slow or sluggish tablet can result from a number of different problems that are actually quite simple to solve. Use these 8 tips and you should see an immediate difference in… (0 comment)

Set Pattern Lock on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Working as a full-time professional or freelancer, one thing that remains same for many of us — Security. There can be important files on your hard disk and you might not want to lock your Windows default password mechanism. So, what really works in their case? Do they stand in front of their screen? Nope,… (2 comments)