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Facebook has been sitting on top of the social networks for a very long time; everything that we do in our lives reflects on the social network. Every trip that we make out of town or even in town is there on the site in the form of images; our thoughts about any particular topic is reflected on Mark Zuckerberg’s site through status updates and visit to motor car shows. cricket matches, fun with friends is uploaded on Facebook in the form of videos. Particularly videos are great form of connection on Facebook but there is no way you can download them on the site itself. So I’ll list different websites which can help you do so.

Why I need to download Facebook Videos?

The question which sounds silly but really is important to know. I’m am more of a video freak and I need to have videos uploaded on Facebook by my favorite football team or from my best friends to be there on my computer and if you can relate to me on this one the below post is for you.

  • Before you even read the below post I want you to know the difference between Facebook hosted video and videos linked on Facebook.

What is that? And how I know it?

In simple terms Facebook hosted videos simply means the videos uploaded directly on Facebook and linked videos on Facebook mean; videos hosted on other sites like Youtube, Vimeo etc and only a link to those video is uploaded on Facebook. Below is way how to identify them.

  • This is how videos linked on Facebook looks like
  • Below is an example of Facebook hosted video

OK Got It! Which type of video will I download?

In this post I will show you how to download Facebook hosted videos. The process is very simple and you can start to download Facebook video within seconds.

Just as the title says to download Facebook Video you need to copy its URL and paste it below websites.


how-can-you-download-facebook-videos-image4 is a website which lets you download Facebook video in simple steps.

  • Paste the copied url into the input field provided on the website.
  • Right click on the generated link and hit ‘Save Link As’ to download Facebook videos.



how-can-you-download-facebook-videos-image6 rather has an unintuitive interface and mostly HTML(ish) but that doesn’t decrease the functionality of the website. The process to download Facebook videos on is similar to You just need to copy url from Facebook and paste in input field and click on ‘Download Video!’ button to download Facebook videos.

  • Paste the copied url into the input field provided on the website.
  • Right click on the generated link and hit ‘Save Link As’ to download Facebook videos.


  • There’s another way how you can easily download Facebook videos without even visiting which is shown below on the website too.



how-can-you-download-facebook-videos-image9 has a very clean interface but has ads all round it which can be distracting from the actual input field we need to enter url in order to download Facebook videos. But not a problem we’ll show you how.

  • Paste the copied url into the input field provided on the website.
  • Right click on the generated link and hit ‘Save Link As’ to download Facebook videos. It gives you an option to download Facebook videos either in low quality or high quality.

Similar to also provide an alternate method or shortcut to download Facebook videos. The screen of other method is shown below.


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I think I have made this post as much informative and simple as I could make so that even a 13year old could even understand it. Do you know anymore website suggest it to our users in the comments section. If you loved it then share this post on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

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