How to Use a Facebook Spy App to Monitor Chats and Shared Multimedia

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An increasing number of app users are constantly searching for an ideal Facebook spy app to keep their loved ones safe. According to Statista.com, Facebook has 1.65 billion monthly users per month, based on a survey in the first quarter of 2016. Out of these 1.51 billion are mobile users who access Facebook with their cell phone on an almost daily basis.


Statistically, out of the 1.65 billion users, 8% are children between the ages of thirteen and nineteen. The highest users are between the ages of twenty to twenty-nine and account for 28% of the total monthly users. 21% comprises of people between the ages of thirty and thirty-nine, 16% are between the ages of forty and forty-nine, 13% are people between the ages of fifty and fifty-nine, and the remaining percentage are people above sixty. You can see the graphic illustration of these facts.

Threats Associated with Social Media


These statistical details support the fact that social media has become the greatest platform where hackers and sexual predators easily find targets. Children are mostly an easy target, and the problem starts when they are too willing and curious to talk to strangers. Children readily give away sensitive information to strangers through the Facebook messenger, which compromises their security.

Likewise, adults who want to date strangers use social media and internet messengers too readily. They meet at an agreed spot and in the hope of finding a lasting relationship attract a stalker or harmful predator. Sexting is not the only risk that adults are taking nowadays, but even children as young as eleven have started engaging in this without realizing the damage it can cause.

Using a Facebook Spy App Helps Avert Dangers


With the help of XnSpy, a tracking app that you can install on the target person’s cellphone, you can make sure that your loved ones are safe and not engaging in the harmful activity. By making sure that, they don’t share sensitive information such as their current location, home address, social security number, and other personal details. Most importantly, you can make sure that they don’t share revealing photos and videos that can have lasting detrimental consequences on them.

Using the Web-based App is Easy


Although users have to install the Facebook spy app on Android and jailbroken iOS devices manually, which is a one-time thing, the app operates through a web-based control panel. At the same time, monitoring a not jailbroken device is also possible with Xnspy because it operates via iCloud. Upon subscribing to the app, users can simply log into the control panel and monitor the installed Facebook messenger on the target device. It shows all call logs, photos, videos, and chats via the messenger app. In extreme cases, users can remotely lock the installed messenger app to prevent the target person’s using it.

As a final word, using a monitoring app is the first step in the right direction to keep loved one safe from predators waiting for a chance online.

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