Robust Truck in Pune for Heavy Use



Now has become the biggest hub for commercial activities with major amount of companies cropping every now and then.

Many of these companies manufacture their products in other states of India and then import it to Pune.

This requires huge increase of commercial vehicles in Pune.

Rise of Commercial Vehicles in Pune

Since many companies have found it easy to build their business in Pune due to very low Real Estate price, say as compared to neighbouring city of Mumbai.

Due to this growth in industries, quality of heavy trucks in Pune has increased exponentially over the past few years.

There are multiple companies in Pune which have annual turnover of about 10-5000 Crores Rupees.

Employee Count also ranges from as small as 50 Employees to over 10,000 employees in certain huge companies.

Manufacture of Robust Heavy Trucks in Pune

One company that has proven its mettle in manufacture of robust heavy truck in Pune is Tata Motors.

Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles in Pune are manufactured in its Pune plant residing at two locations i.e. Pimpri region with a geographic spread of 800 acres…

…and Chinchwad region with geographic spread of 130 acres.

The plant was built in 1966 and helped Pune Industries helped its thirst of low cost and heavy duty commercial vehicles and very low price.

Quality Production of Commercial Vehicles and New Technologies

We have been able to see an expandable multiplicative growth of commercial vehicles in the industry capital of India.

There’s a reason why Pune is called so.

Due to such growth, Commercial vehicles required to travel a distance from as low as 100 Kilometres to as far as 3000 Kilometres and more.

Commercial vehicles also had travel such great distance and at the same time fight with varying weather conditions ranging from place to place as such as excessive humid heat, freezing cold, Destructive Monsoon.

They also had to face the wrath of bad roads, travelling to very small roads which aren’t meant for travelling of commercial vehicles or so.

These had been the centre of problems for many Commercial Vehicles Manufacturers along with Tata Motors itself.


It led construction of excellent components, which offers great quality and still keeping affordability in mind.

Since the travel of transporting goods from one place to another is as far as 3000+ kms, it was important that these vehicles carried spares parts along with them.

In hilly region as such as North-East India, availability of such parts is a major problem.

Hence Commercial needed to be equipped with spares parts.

One thing that however was lacking was Superior Service.

Many manufacturers concentrated on selling vehicles and gave toss to After-Sales Service.

Now manufacturers realized how important Service is after you sell a vehicles.

This allowed increase in competition within manufacturers to offer top notch service.

The consumer in at last was benefitted by this.


Since you might have realized the important role of commercial vehicles…

…as it helps in transport of good all along.

Tata Motors have played an important role in development of such commercial vehicles production.

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