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Style Up Your Car Your Way in Banglore

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Your Car is Like your Second Home!

You buy a car and you imagine yourself as the next Michael Schumacher.

Though you can’t drive your car like the retired-F1 driver does.

But surely you can style up your car and make it go Vroom Vroom Vroom.

If you’re living in Bangalore, then the car scene is always crazy here…

You can bump up car stereo in Bangalore, revv up the exhaust and do lot of things to your car…

Can’t believe me, Bangalore has its own Fiat Cafe set up there. Click to see this link!

Anyways, here are top 3 ways to style up your car, if you’re living in Bangalore.

Style Up Your Car (in Bangalore)!

There are various ways to style up your car.

A lot of people I see styling up car, do it very awkwardly.

But, if you’re living in Bangalore…

…you need to stylize your car in the right way!

3 Basic Ways to Stylize Your Car in Bangalore

Well there are thousands of ways that you can stylize your car…

…but I’m going to highlight only the very important steps required to stylize your car.

Are you ready?

Let’s Start!

Ohh! Sorry, I should say…

Let’s put the pedal to the metal, Revv the engine and Vroom away!

Make Your Car Sound Right!

What is it like to own a car that sound like cheap speakers…

…that you got free with your Home Computer/Laptop.

Yeah! You’re right! It doesn’t make sense.

You can find great Car Stereo… but with my little suggestion… you’ll be up with it.

Car audio consists of Head Unit, Amplifiers, Speakers and Good Set of Wires.

Choose a Head Unit (the CD/MP3/USB/Mobile Player) that good at around Rs. 6K, use an amplifier to get pure sound into your car and putting less load on the Head Unit.

The amplifier can cost more Rs.3-4K. Putting good speakers…

Recommended configuration according to here is putting Coaxial Speakers in the back and Component Speakers in front.

Component Speakers offer great audio quality!

Coming to wires, install them from a certified, professional people… This will ensure that the configuration is what you wanted.

The next way to stylize your car is absolutely Car Tyres!

Stylize Your Car’s Tyres

You can find great car tyres in Bangalore in various shapes and sizes.

There are 3 main things to consider when going out to buy for tires.

First is looking out for a better car tyre width…

The width determines how much fat is your tire thread… These days cars come with an average of 20.5 mm width along with 55% of height with radial construction.

Most basic car comes with 15 inches tyres… which is totally ideal, unless you don’t care about fuel economy and want to go out full on performance mode.

Next thing is choosing right Car Stickers…

Stylize with Car Stickers

To find shops with Car Stickers in Bangalore isn’t very tough. Look around and you’ll find a lot…

Car stickers also referred to as decals, define who you are…

Car decals can range from Brand names of international Automotive brands to something like a dog putting is head out from a blanket to a football that shows broken glass.

These come even in waterproof sets…

…So choose the best set and move on…

Here’s our outtake into the motorsport world.

Make sure, you make your car look surreal when you move around in Bangalore in Style…

Have a great day!

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