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The Best Decision!

A lot of us live our whole life but still don’t take the right decision!

Many of us hesitate to take the right decision thinking about a lot of other factors.

Before taking a decision we think about what our Parents would think, what our relatives would think, what our friends and the people around will think of us.

This is because we’ve grown into a society that told us to think what others feel about you and make decisions that don’t hurt them.

But there are some of them, who take a Bold Step and bring about a Big Change in their own life and others as well.

The Best Decision of My Life

Here’s my story, the best decision I took that changed my entire life and the thinking of people around me.

It was in the month of October, 2013; my Engineering results were out and I had secured a drop!

I had failed, which meant that I had to sit at home for an entire year and do almost nothing.

No college, No lectures, No Hangout with Friends, No Enjoyment… Just Home, that’s it!

It was very painful to stay away from all of it, but this was the truth.

Now practically I had three options,

  • Sit in House for Entire Year and Do Nothing.
  • Do some kind of Android Programming or Networking Course and get a Certificate.
  • Take up a small job and keep slogging through it for Entire Year.

The first risk I took was choosing none of the above options. Instead I had explored a new option.

That option was to ‘Make Money Online

Being raised with regular Indian Values, I was taught the Internet was scam and a promise of making a dime on it is impossible.

But to my shock I certainly realized kids of my age were making 5-6 Figures Income per month online.

No their work didn’t included spamming the net, they didn’t worked for sites which promised to help make $1000/month nor did it included fleecing anyone.

It was all legit business, it was making a website and spreading out your knowledge to the entire World.

The business was putting forth whatever knowledge you had and show it to the world.

It involved having 100% freedom to do what you want to do!

This was it. This was called Blogging.

This was the kind of thing I always wanted to do.

So here’s the second risk that I took, I took up Blogging.

Since I had been a Computer Technician for past 4 years that time, I had unfair advantage over other Technology Bloggers. I knew almost everything about Computers that an average Joe can’t even think of.

Since I had worked practically, repaired computers, Assembled and Sold New Computer and even maintained them, I had proper expertise on it.

How Big Was the Risk?

Blogging didn’t assured you would get paid instantly, the truth is Blogging didn’t meant, you’d get paid at all. - Start A New Life - Look Up

The harshest truth I learned later was, almost all the people who take up blogging; 90% of bloggers perish, they Quit, they leave due to all the hardwork required and limited knowledge.

But I stayed, working day and night continous for three months till the time I started my blog in January, 2014.

Without pay, I was working; shall I say passionately working because I enjoyed what I did as all the Computer Knowledge I had all these Years was put in front of the whole world.

My experience of knowing what’s right and wrong in the computer business, allowed me to put only the best knowledge instead of other Tech Bloggers who were putting up anything and everything.

And slowly slowly, my hardwork started to payoff, I started making money, slowly slowly my plane had taken off and it was flying. I was flying!

Though I cursed my Engineering Drop back then, being away from friends and all the enjoyment that we did, but the time I got because of it to focus on my passion allowed me to NEVER QUIT and keep working.

Slowly Slowly the income started to grow from 3 figures per month, to four figures per month and now five figures per month.

Where Am I Now?

Blogging was not just another step, it was Start Of A New Life.

I started making good amount of money, it also brought happiness on my parents face as for every week, my bank balance was steadily increasing.

I was happy that I started gaining respect and traction among other successful bloggers.

Till now I have had three Online interviews, I have new bloggers asking for help every hour and calling me Sir even at the age of 21 and I am friends with some very successful people in the online World.

Due to my one year of sitting home, I have now garnered respect among my College Lecturers who ask questions regarding my work and my blog.

I have friends who look upto me and are proud about me, and I love spending my hard earned money on my very close friends by giving them small treats every now and then.

It helped me buy myself a new Smartphone, new Earphones and lot of other things I needed to have.

Due to this, I no longer have to worry about getting a job for myself in Campus Interviews, I don’t have to go through Aptitude Questions and prepare for Aptitude Tests and I even don’t have to behave in a way corporates want me to.

I must conclude by saying that the step I took wasn’t easy, it was a bold step. I could’ve risked my entire year and just wouldn’t have done anything substantial, I could not changed a single bit about myself and I could have been the doormat of my house.

Though taking this huge risk and giving my life a direction and would request all of you to take risk and Start A New Life.

Thanks for reading and Have a Great Day Ahead!

Author: Abhishek Tavasalkar

Abhishek is founder of AllTechTrix, CEO and founder at Auracle Infotech, Computer Engineering Student and a complete geek. Get in touch with him at Facebook | Twitter | Google+

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