The game which everyone’s been playing, Pokémon Go

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The game “Pokémon Go” is the first game which is location based. This game was developed by Niantic for different platforms like android and IOS. This game was distributed by The Pokémon Company. It’s the first augmented reality game of the Pokémon franchise. This game was released on July year-2016.

Introduction to Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go
Pokémon Go

Well, it’s a Pokémon game where you’re able to battle capture and train the virtual Pokémon’s that appears through the real world. The game uses the camera and GPS of the device which you use to play “Pokémon Go”. Though, you play the game for free, you can do some shopping of the gameplay items shown for your ease.

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Playing Pokémon Go?

Are you playing Pokémon Go for the first time? Then don’t worry, this whole article is about Pokémon Go. When you open the game for the first time, you will be given the chance to create your own avatar. After you create the avatar, it is unconcealed at your current location with a map of your surroundings.

On the map there are some Pokémon gyms and poke stops. Once you start moving in the real world the avatar also moves in the virtual world. You will be able to catch different Pokémon’s freely once you start looking for them in different places of you surrounding. For example, you can catch ground Pokémon by moving near the rocky areas or something like that. Once you meet a Pokémon, you can view it in augmented reality (AR) mode and you can catch the Pokémon or try a battle. You will be given a Pokédex which you have to complete as you go in search for different types of Pokémon’s.

What’s a Pokédex? Well it is a special type of Pokémon Wikipedia which holds the record of the Pokémon which you encounter or catch. Catching a Pokémon is not a hard task in this game. You just throw a poke ball at a Pokémon and “poof” the Pokémon is all yours. Although it sounds easy, the Pokémon can still block it. The chance of success depends upon the timing and the poke ball you use. Once you catch a Pokémon you get some items as prizes. There are two types of prizes, they are in game currencies. These items are used to evolve or raise the power of your Pokémon. Once you get enough experience and from some achievements, your level will rise.

After you reach level five you can challenge Pokémon gyms and you can also join one of the three teams. You can send some of your Pokémon’s to the professor’s and make room for new ones. You even earn a candy which can be used to evolve a Pokémon or it can be used to level up a Pokémon.

Pokémon Go plus, an Added feature

Pokémon go plus is a simple hand band type device, which links via Bluetooth and which lets you know when a Pokémon or poke stop is nearby by vibrating. You don’t even have to look at your smartphone. This device was made for the ease and safety of the player. You can even catch a Pokémon which you have caught previously simply by pressing the button.

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