It’s Time to Embrace the Pros of Wireless Charging

Its time to embrace the pros of wireless charging - featured image

Charging has always been a major concern. A massive concern among smartphone users as well as laptop/iPad users.

It’s just a matter of another 2 years or so, we’ll be finally liberated from the biggest hassles of charging our cell phones and laptops

Talking specifically about cellphone charging, it is interesting to note that a lot of manufacturers insist on trying interfaces and ports on a regular basis so as to ensure that every new phone’s purchase is accompanied by a brand newer pair of charging accessories.

Wireless Charging will free the world from the tiresome procedure of charging using a socket and plugin wire.

Today, through this blog, I’ll be talking about how Wireless Charging technology will surpass the expectations of people who find charging their cellphones/laptops troublesome.

Wireless Charging Technology has already been regulated

The  Qi (pronounced Chee) founded by Wireless Power Consortium year 2008 i.e. an interface that’s been designed to enable electronics devices and charging pads to work with each other efficiently.

Since its foundation, Wireless Power Consortium has witnessed the support of over 100 companies including the tech giants namely Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Motorola and Microsoft. Displayed below is the official logo of Qi.

Devices wearing the below displayed logo can be easily charged with very little modifications.

What’s Wireless Charging?

Phone on a Wireless Charging Pad - It's time to embrace the power of wireless charging

Well, the concept of Wireless Charging refers to the charging method wherein interlocking electromagnetic fields are used for generating current within the mobile devices.

Although, this idea of wireless charging appears quite fun but it is definitely a big development task.

It demands the establishment of a big consortium that can be utilized for setting standards for global implementation of the Wireless Charging technology.

Wireless Charging is for everyone

Companies who haven’t signed for Wireless Charging (Qi) can easily avail the wireless charging technology by carrying a special case.

Affordably priced at just $35, Qi wireless charging is not far for any Apple lover who look forward for the Qi charging compatibility.

Qi will soon be making its debut in Apple

iPhone will soon support wireless charging - Its time to embrace the power of wireless charging

Qi’s version 1.0 will soon be making its debut for Apple iPhones and iPads. This Qi version will includes very clever functions and improve the charging performance.

The widespread Qi hotspots will ensure to widen the Apple device charging possibilities.

Irrespective of how well Apple fares with the users, the all-new Qi 1.0 version will definitely broaden the charging options.

Dell will soon be backing Wireless Charging Movement

Quite similar to Samsung, Motorola and Apple, Dell will soon be joining the Wireless Charging movement.

Dell already supports the “Alliance for Wireless Power” movement and is well in favor of the call for a standard for wireless charging of all devices that require a power consumption between 20 to 50 watts.

Cord-free charging will mark a new beginning in the world of Cellphone/Laptop Charging

Cord free charging - Its time to embrace the power of wireless charging

Have you ever imagined charging your cellphone/laptop without the hassle of carrying your charger? Well yes, this will actually be possible in the years ahead. You’ll be able to charge your device by simply carrying it alongwith you.

Look at the forecasts regarding Wireless Charging Technology

It has been estimated that Wireless Charging technology will witness a rapid growth in its popularity in the coming years.

It is being forecast that wireless charging equipment utilization by the light duty vehicles is likely to grow by a compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of 108 percent from the year 2013 to 2022.

The automation industry is expecting a better feedback for Wireless Charging technology and looks forward to receiving wireless charging enabled automobiles by the year 2015-2016.

Wrapping Up

Saving yourself from the worries of carrying a charger everytime you’re travelling is definitely a great idea. With the outburst of Wireless Charging, this has become possible.

Cord-free charging options available in the market have made it easier to charge your hand-held device or laptop while on a move. It’s time for you to embrace the Wireless Charging technology and benefit to the fullest.

Hope you’d have loved going through the post. For any feedback/suggestions, please do use the comments box below.

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