14 Best Chrome Games that You Can Play Without WiFi.

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On March 25, 2017
Last modified:April 22, 2017


There are many games which can play without wifi or data connection. They help you to save you mobile usages data and they don’t need high speed of internet connection. If we don’t want to play games which can not play without wifi or data connection in your browser then, here is the list of games which can play in your chrome browser without wifi or data connection. Here is the collection of these kinds of games which are described below. Enjoy and make more fun and get entertained by using these offline chrome games. Many peoples don’t know about that kind of games which can be played offline in their browser even then can. If someone asks you to say about the offline games in PC then now we can answer then easily now. Peoples are going to enjoy these offline chrome games

Many peoples are going to enjoy these offline chrome games and they will make more fun by playing these offline games on their PC. In this article, we mentioned all kinds of games action and arched, puzzles etc. There are thousands of games in the market but we need best of then and most entertaining games which can be played offline. If you are wandering here and there for offline games in you PC then stops moving here and there because now you a collection of best games which can be played offline in chrome browser. Mentioned offline games are rated more than 4.0 in Chrome offline game section.

List of offline games or without wifi in chrome which can you play in chrome.


Solitaire is a free offline game which will allow you play this game offline with many challenging solitaire games. It allows you to play challenges in many ways like FreeCell, Klondike, Klondike by Threes, Forty Thieves, Golf, Pyramid, Spider Four Suits, Spider One Suit and Spider Two Suits. Solitaire offers you to play without download or without registration. And it contains advanced animation and smooth fluid while playing. It is easy to use with double click or auto move cards and the unlimited undo and redo option. If you have seen on your PC that this game flips cards automatically, same as happens their, your cards will flip automatically. The colour of cards comes in many beautiful cards sets and the background can be chosen from the option.

Cut the Rope

This game is an offline mysterious game when you start playing this game then one package will arrive and there you will get a little monster inside that. Cut the Rope comes with outstanding graphics and adorable character. Games awards which won by this game are 1.Apple Design Award, 2.BAFTA Award, 3.Pocket Gamer Award, 4.GDC Award 5.Best App Ever Award. About these awards Cut the Rope mentioned on their official site. IF you are looking for addictively fun, physics-based game and best puzzle game then this is one the best game. This game is also available for Android and you get it from here.

Funky Karts

If you love to play games like racing with fun in many different ways. Then this game is good for you and you are going to love this while playing in offline mode. Funky Karts comes in small size with better graphics and run smoothly. If you need any extra product in this game then you should have to buy the products in the minimum price range of ₹60.00 – ₹243.00 per item. In this game, you will collect the coins, jump on ceilings, find map and race against your best time in 48 eye-popping level.

Word Search Puzzle Game

This game is for those who loves to play word games. And this game contains more than 12,000 themed words. While playing this game get bonus points for finding words with their first letter. First, this game offers you to solve easy levels then you unlock for the tough levels. Personally, I love to play this game because it have brilliant word collection with the good interface and it doesn’t use 40% less memory with no data or wifi connection. And if you want to purchase additional theme then you need to pay $1.99 only.


It is a single or multiplayer game and it’s not difficult to play. Contranoid is the fast-paced chaotic hybrid of Pong, Tetris and Arkanoid game. which literally pits you against your closest partner as you play against each other on the same device or in your browser. Players of Contranoid have to control a paddle to catch ball bouncing back after ravaging by the opponents in game fields.”Brilliant idea for the game. And Brilliant advertising too.” said by common peoples at Hacker News. If you want to enjoy this game for a long time I suggest you play this game in Multiplayer zone by connecting your friends.


This game offers you a flawless 3D experience on your browser and it needs one-time internet connection then after downloading this, you can enjoy this game without internet connection. First, you have to claim 30 action-packed level in the new update of the game then go to the boss arena and see how many evil minions you can defeat. New update of this game offers you to change your difficulty, sound, and music without re-entering it when you restart the game. They update their games which can be possible after the reviews which are submitted by their users.

Desert Swarm

This is an arcade game in the classic mode like Space Invaders and Pacman. There is only you who have a tank and you are a commander and have to shoot an alien swarm and you have saved your world. Each level gets different huge reply value by the aliens swarm. It’s easy to play and while playing you will get additional things like guns, health increase etc.


While playing you went to a mysterious island and thrown into the middle of an age-long conflict between some serious weird culture. It is a free to play with 3D tower defence. Players can control their characters, engaging in deep combat and with the ability to build their own structure in their area with tower, wall and gather resources. This game provides you with an area where you can build your resource and they get ready for the fight with other players. This game is developed by the teams behind Black and White 2 and Fable 2.


It is a puzzle game where you have to create a long path as possible and challenge the others. Every time try to make the long path as possible by rotating and place hexagonal tiles which increase your area without running into the wall to get scored. You can play in single-player mode or multiplayer, and if you want to play in single player then choose solitaire and try to beat your own record. In multiplayer you can play against 5 players on the same computer with hot-seat variation. And this mode offers you challenge you partner with the new score by creating the longest path without running into others wall.

Link All

Link All is not easy as players think, there you do not add only the nodes. If you want to learn puzzle game then this game will be helpful. In this, you have created a path which will visit all of the nodes. There is a red bar which means that is restricted area and you can’t cross them.Despite these, there are many interesting elements which you will get while playing.


One of the best puzzle and brain game is 2048. This game save your progress on the computer you play on and this is available offline for play. As the name of this game its playing style is same, here you will get the number tiles on the board and the tiles with matching number will merge when players touch. The main feature of that game is to create the largest value tiles. If you want to get the codes of that game then you can go here.

Save the Day

Save the Day is a classic arched game where players have to fly the helicopter and save the peoples with saving yourself by the fire. If make you feel like a responsible person who has to save someone and send them to the safe place. In this game, you will get many tools for saving for the people. This game is powered by the pioneering Turbulrnz HTM5 engine.


Swooop will provide you with an magic island with control of a colourful biplane. While flying you have collect gems and you have to fly as long as distance will cover before your fuel ends. Simply in this game, you have flown as long as possible and get bonus rewards with many gems collections. Control of this game is so simple just pressing by Spacebar, left mouse click or a touch.

Tank Riders

If you like to fight with tanks or ride on tank fight then here is a game which provides you to ride and go in the battle with the tank in the 3D view. Before attacking your enemies on you, attack them and get rewarded with points. Before attacking your enemies find a hidden place for the attack on your enemies who are unaware about that. According to news of that game, they will provide multiplayer battle platform soon.


These are one of the best games which can be played without wifi in your chrome browser. If you don’t have wifi then no problem you can enjoy these games in offline mode. These game are very popular among players on chrome with a high rating. If you want to spend your time by enjoying the time then playing these games offline in your chrome browser in the best way.

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