Top 10 Best No WiFi Games You Can Play Without WiFi

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Good games are those that can be played anywhere, anytime on your own conditions not those that are typically built with limitations and badly suck on certain conditions.

Yes, we are talking about the games that does not functionally work or not jump into next level knowing you don’t have any data service like Wi-Fi available.

It is always bummer when you discover that the game you are playing requires Wi-Fi to power-up or going into the next level. That is one of the feelings, you cannot do anything about and while you’re on your holiday or journey you don’t expect to have a Wi-Fi service by any means.

But that is not true for all the games available over the internet. Some of the online games developing companies keep the data services as an optional criterion.

Top 10 Best No WiFi Games You Can Play Without WiFi

In this article you will discover some of the very promising no WiFi games that never let you down no matter you are with or without a Wi-Fi connection. Some of the free games to play without WiFi are so stunning and let you enjoy a peaceful gaming arena. Our hard researched work figures out the below top 10 online games to be played without a Wi-Fi connection.

1. Major Mayhem (Action/Shooting)

Not much of speaking, how fun it is to play Major Mayhem is really hard to describe. This amazing mobile game can bring you in a real bad world where you can pick a character and teach lesson to the guys. This single player game has lot more to do than you can expect. It is one of the best no wifi games you can play without WiFi.

The game goes into stages and the other bad guys are hidden into their spots. You need to tap there and kill them all or throw bombs right over there. These guys are not that easy to handle and you have to prevent them to shoot you and settle a less damage to yourself.

Headshots, killing sprees and saving life is bonus and you will also enjoy upgrading of your weapons.

Download Major Mayhem (free)


Badland is a completely 2D runner game with fantastic visuals and beautiful locations to enjoy you various residents. In the deep down forest there is something terribly happening every now and then and you have to discover as a forest dwellers.

While roaming in the forest you will also meet various traps, obstacles and puzzles that you need to solve yourself. If you feel scary to go in forest all alone, ask your friends to join you because this game is multiplayer game. A maximum of 4 players are allowed to play this game on the same device and enjoy the high class graphics for a real jungle fun. Indeed, it is one of the best no wifi game that you can play without wifi.

There are unlimited rules to play this offline game and you may even discover or create a new rule while playing this no wifi game. This game has been downloaded for more than 10 millions time with 4.5 star rating simply saying the story itself.

Download Badland (free)

3. Fighting: Shadow Fight

Remember the days to play Mortal Kombat and street fighter. There were times we were looking to have more advance games like these but could not find one. If you are a real fighting games fan then you should definitely give it a try.

A quick learning of moves and pace with excellent graphics and visualizations make the game even more fantastic for you. Bring the real Kombat in you and start into action with the rewarding fight fun.

Instead of characters, shadow fight includes silhouettes for a wonderful play of 2- dimensional pattern to add more charm into the game. It’s really fun playing this offline game with less moves and more pace and fight. Shadow Fight is one of the best no wifi games to play without wifi.

Download Shadow Fight (free)

4. Minecraft Pocket edition

The Mojang Company has developed the Minecraft a full adventurous game for people who love a real adventure. An excellent creativity with great background path is all that you ever looking for a perfect gaming platform. Minecraft Pocket Edition has it all! It is one of the best free games to play without wifi.

Use the materials like stone, bricks, rocks, sands or even dirt to build cloud, bridge or a building in your virtual world. The offline game also has a surviving mode when you see everything goes off your way. Get into the real world even though it seems annoying and tedious for a while to come handy. Be ready when the bad guys are going to come to challenge you real under the hot sun. It is one of the best no wifi games you can play without WiFi.

Download Minecraft: Pocket Edition (free)

5. Platformer: Shadow Blade Zero

Gone are the days when Mario gives you a ninja fun, the quest is broken now and it needs more vigour of your bad into the gaming arena. Shadow Blade Zero gets you in real thrilling opportunity to become a real ninja assassinate and teach a lesson to your enemies. It is one of the best offline game to do so.

Slice your enemy from head to toe and fight with new weapons and slice them all. This free fantastic no wifi game can really give you a real fun more than old Mario assassinations. You can play this game offline as it is one of the best free games to play without wifi.

Download Shadow Blade Zero (free)

6. Endless Runner: Crossy Road

Who made this game so fantastic? I bet you cannot stop playing every now and then when you have an opportunity to play tis game without wifi. The 8-bit pixels classic graphics with smooth going gives a quick control over the chicken who fond of crossing the roads no matter what.

Tap there to chose to go in single lane or go crazy in any direction or in any side like you hell no care at all. Make sure you don’t get hit by the cars on the highway or the streams in your path. Play safer cross the road safely but who cares when you really need to do this so fast.

Go green, pick up the grass and move along so furious like fire in jungle. Or drive yourself like a crazy on the roads like nuts. You are not going to get bore playing this no wifi game, for sure!

Download Crossy Road (free)

7. Asphalt 8 airborne

Asphalt is one of the best free games you can play without WIFI. The Asphalt 8 airborne can mesmerize the real card and speed lovers. The new stunts with great commands over the cars gives you a high satisfaction of real car racing game fun. The developer of this game has done everything to make this get close to perfect.

On a good device, this no WiFi game can work very smoothly where you can have some real good virtual cars to compete with your opponents and find some real good challenge on the way ahead to finish the game offline.

You can win cash prizes for your every win and this also gives you a superb chance to upgrade your card to more advance ones. This no wifi game can be played perfectly offline or online depending on what you chose. The multi players feature however supports an online connection to play with real people than to computers.

Download Asphalt 8 airborne (free)

8. Download Despicable Me (Free)

The fun and bananas both are going to come your way because minions are back here again. Despicable Me, is a excellent graphics 3D runner game where minions are your competitors and you have to challenge their fast boots. This is fast paces mission need you to dodge or scramble against the minions to with at the end. It is one of the best free games you can play without WiFi.

The wonderful locations are actually inherited from the real movie and the weapons are something out of the world, you will really love it in first instance. Battle with the villains like Vector with more fun and stunts or costume yourself in a real super hero and show your weapons to them. It is one of the best no WiFi games you can play without wifi.

Get ready for bananas!

Download Despicable Me (Free)

9. Puzzle: Lazors

Have you noticed someone on Reddit ask which is the best offline games to play without Wifi and the top votes goes to Lazors. Lazors is not just top voted offline game but this is game that is very intuitive and the same time full of real puzzler and challenges.

Each game in Lazors gives you different Lazors and different targets to aim. You can also aim to mirrors, glasses or any kind of obstacles you discover during the game. As the game progresses, the difficulty level rises and brings you more fun to play and enjoy. Overall, there are 280 levels and each of them is completely different from one another. It is one of the best no WiFi games you would ever play without WiFi.

Download Puzzle: Lazors (free)

10.Sports: Flick Soccer 17

Our last pick is Soccer based game to play without WiFi. Online Soccer games are very popular across the globe so a game that seems to be played very naturally and even offline can by everyone choice. Flick Soccer 17 is really a cool game that makes soccer gaming fun. In blend of latest technology, Flick Soccer 17 is latest version of old popular Flick Soccer game. It is a no WiFi games that you can play without WiFi.

With gorgeous display, accuracy that reaches to perfection and real natural gaming environment makes you go crazy about this offline game. Swiping feature allows you to identify the right strategy to give passes and reach to the goalkeeper. It also helps identifying more bulls eye and approaches the target in real time gaming.

The soccer game precision is all with this soccer games and you won’t regret your download, for real. If you want a spectacular soccer gaming fun, you should not miss this as this is a very good no wifi game that you can play without internet connection.

Download Flick Soccer 17 (free)

Hope you’ll enjoy these no WiFi games to play without WiFi.

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