Ulefone GW01 Heart Rate Monitoring Smart Watch Review

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Watches used these days aren’t merely for the purpose of measuring time. Sure there are the old and classic series of watches that you can get to do the trivial, or you can opt for the new SmartWatches with loads of features and utilities. Not only time but SmartWatches also measures your heart rate, distances walked and so on. They have become a trend among some tech nerds and a device that can improve your productivity. There have been quite a few SmartWatches hitting the market lately, and Ulefone has bought in theirs. Meet the Ulefone GW01 Heart Rate Monitoring Smart Watch and read on to see what it has to offers.

Ulefone GW01 Heart Rate Monitoring Smart Watch Design and Build Quality

The GW01 boast a classy round IPS touch screen, 1.3 inches in size with a display resolution of 240×240 pixels. It is waterproof and hence is suitable for sports or even in the outdoor rain.

The leather wrist is interchangeable and available in black and brown colors, whereas the watch itself is available in black, silver and gold variants. The watch will look good on man and woman alike, but from the design aspect, it mostly appears to be advertised to the male gender or rather a sporty person.

The watch will weigh in about .054kgs on your wrist which is rather a negligible. The material used for the casing is stainless steel and the band material, as mentioned above, is genuine leather.


The GW01 runs on an MTK2502 chipset with a 64MB RAM and 128 MB of storage; quite decent for a SmartWatch. A Bluetooth 4.0 is also thrown in the mixture which gives the watch some added functionality which is coming up.

Battery life and performance

The specs mentioned above are powered by a 310 mAh polymer battery, which in turn is used to run the Android or iOS operating system running the device. The device will run on Android version 4.3, iOS 7.0 and all future iterations.

With all these going on the battery will serve you for five days and has a mere charging time of three hours.


The GW01 will take care of you by being your health advisor as it comes with a real-time heart rate monitor with ECG. It can also monitor your body temperature as well as inform you about the outdoor temperature.

Your health assistant also comes with a pedometer, sedentary reminder and sleep monitor.

Again the Bluetooth 4.0 I mentioned earlier can be used to remote control the camera. Also you can use it for Bluetooth calling and get features like Call log sync, Dialing, Phone call reminder, Phonebook and Message reminder.

The device can also get you your notifications from Facebook, Twitter, WeChat or WhatsApp.

Other features include alarm clock, reminder, phone call reminder, voice recorder and not to mention, Siri.


Overall the Ulefone GW01 Heart Rate Monitoring Smart Watch is a SmartWatch worth considering. It has some decent features but carries a price tag of $59. It is a bit high considering the current SmartWatch market but considering the features, the price is worth it.

So if you are interested here is the link for GearBest, to buy your own GW01.

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