How to Print From Android Phone
How to print from android phone From music downloader apps to printing a file, Android is capable of everything. Many people find the need to print a webpage or something sent to their cell phone but most have no idea how this is done.  While simple on your computer by using File and then Print,… (3 comments)

GV08S SmartWatch Review: A Worthy Smartwatch
Watches … they are awesome! And, when it comes with the smartwatches, the whole equation changes. It becomes more awesome! Today, we have the chance to review the glamorous GV80S Smart Watch phone. Not every one of us has used smart watches, but they are becoming more streamlined as each day passes by. For me, it… (1 comment)

Meizu MX5 4G LTE Smartphone Review – A powerhouse
Smartphones — they are plenty. But, what separates the gold from the glitter? The current market is now dictated by players who pack features in a budget smartphone. Meizu MX5 4G is one of those players who sell smartphones with incredible specs and at the same time affordable. Today, I have the chance to review the… (0 comment)